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Podcast: What To Do When You Hear Disturbing Voices


What do you need to do when you hear "the voices of spirits" that are very disturbing?

Every once in a while I hear people telling me they heard spirits whispering in their ear evil messages or telling them to harm themselves.

Are they really coming from spirits?

What do you need to do when such disturbing events happen?

There are people, unfortunately including some intuitive practitioners, who believe in evil spirits, "evil spirit possessions", and sprit haunting.

Please know that just because someone is a medium or an intuitive practitioner doesn't mean that they know everything and anything to do with spirits. They simply don’t, which of course, include myself! That’s why continuous education is vital for any and every intuitive practitioner who is committed to making a positive difference in this world.

Those who refuse to educate themselves are the ones that are stuck in the old ways of thinking that are based on myths that perpetuate fears.

Our work is not to scare people but to educate people so that they feel empowered rather than feeling disempowered, frightened, or dependent.

I have been working as a spiritual medium for a decade and conducted thousands of readings, I have NEVER encountered a single evil spirit. Period.

You Beliefs are Your Filter

In all my spiritual experiences including connecting with my clients’ loved ones on the other side, I have yet to receive any negative, disheartening, or disempowering messages from spirits.

Even the loved ones on the other side who used to be very rude and hurtful here on earth have come back to tell their loved ones on earth that they are sorry.

Loving spirits may try to give you warning to help you make the right decision, avoid heartbreak, or uplift you, but never to disempower or hurt you.

We must understand that it takes lots of loving energy, skills, and commitment of each communicating spirit to come through a medium or to their family and friends here on earth and establish successful spirit communication.

Spirit communication is made possible only with the energy of love but not of evil or darkness.

When it comes to spirit communication or any kind of intuitive, spiritual work, your mind is used as a filter, meaning what’s inside your mind (your beliefs) affects the quality of the message you receive from sprits.

Let’s say a spirit sends you a loving message and that your mind is filled with fear and stress at that very moment. By the time the original loving message from the spirit gets to your conscious awareness, the message will be completely changed and distorted and the end result is a very disempowering, hurtful one.

Your mind colors the message you receive from Spirits.

Seeking Professional Help

If you or someone you know hear hurtful, disturbing messages constantly in their mind or outside of their mind from an unknown source , please do not jump to conclusions that it’s coming from sprits, but instead, do seek help from trained, licensed professionals who will be able to guide you to take the right course of action and to overcome the challenge.

What’s Inside You Affects What You See and Create

Just imagine you are walking down the street and suddenly you get startled because you see a big snake ahead of you. Your body gets really tense; and you start sweating; and you are unable to move forward. But someone comes along and walks in the direction of the snake. You scream and warn the person not to move further, but the person ignores you and actually steps right onto the snake!!

Then you realize it’s not a snake but a piece of rope!

There have been many instances where loved ones on the other side were mistaken as “dark energies”, “bad ghosts”, and “negative beings” when all they wanted to do was to simply send love and encouragements to their family members here on earth!

Again, our individual mental filter affects what we see. Therefore, it heavily influences our reaction to what we perceive within our individual reality.

Sometimes our brain plays a little trick on our mind, trying to make sense of what we see based on our internal filter, and in doing so, we significantly alter the information we receive from spirits.

It’s important to keep the filter clear so that there is a lesser likelihood of our getting freighted and threatened by our own misinterpretations.

Mind Clearing

It’s extremely important that every medium/ sensitive needs to be aware of their inner workings of their mind before they start working in a professional capacity so they can increase the accuracy and clarity of messages they receive from spirits.

I personally have a 30 minute mind clearing session first thing in the morning and short ones several times throughout the day and another 30 min mind clearing session before I go to bed so that I can increase the quality of messages I receive from spirits.

Purpose of Spirit Communication

The main purpose of spirit communication is about healing.

Spirits on the other side as well as people here on earth need healing, and the need and love enable both parties to come together to create a beautiful spiritual connection where a medium is used to pass on loving messages.

Hawaii Psychic Medium, Yoshie Miakoda


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