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4. FAQ


1. Spirit Communication
(Evidential Mediumistic Readings)


Helping You Connect with Your Loved Ones in the  Spirit World.
(Evidence of survival of your loved one or someone you have known who has passed on) 

During the Spirit Communication / Mediumship reading Yoshie will communicate with your loved ones that have passed.  Yoshie will bring through descriptions, validation and messages from each communicating spirit.  They are eager to speak with you.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions. 

2. Psychic Soul Readings


During the Psychic Soul Reading session, Yoshie will give you guidance, validation, and advice about your current life and future life possibilities.  Yoshie can shed light on your love and relationship, soul contracts, family, health, career, finances, education, travel and so much more.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions as well. 

3. Spiritual Guidance


Combining intuitive and mediumistic abilities  to tune into your spiritual potential. A spiritual consultation is not about telling your fortune but rather giving you guidance about your potential and how you go about unfolding it.  


Individual Readings (Psychic and Mediumship Readings) 
A typical private sitting lasts about 30 -60 minutes. If a 
group of people wishes to have sittings, we could do a group reading or we could 
do up to 5 sittings, one person at a time. 

Group Sittings 
If you would like to host a spirit communication (mediumship) party, we will be 
happy to come and connect with your loved ones in the Spirit World. (Please note 
that traveling fee will be added accordingly.) 

What can I expect from a sitting? 

It may be an emotional experience, in which you may feel the presence of your 
loved ones through the evidence and message given in the sitting. Although your 
loved ones are usually eager to communicate to you, it cannot be guaranteed who 
will link with us during the sitting. Fortune telling is not the purpose of a 
private sitting. 

Is there anything I have to do before a sitting? 

Please approach the mediumship experience with an open-mind, as your positive 
expectations and energy can greatly enhance the outcome of your sitting.

Please keep in mind that discarnate souls have preferences and desires just 
like those of us in the physical world, and they can choose to communicate or 
not. So, the mediums can attempt to contact the loved one with whom you would 
like to connect, but offers no guarantee as to which discarnate soul will choose 
to communicate with you during your sitting. Again, come with an open mind which 
allows your friends and family in the spirit world the opportunity to 
communicate with you. We will explain the process of the sitting prior to 


Important Note: Please refrain from accompanying small children below the age of 12. We love children! However, it takes a focus on the part of the medium, sitter, and the communicating spirits to create a successful spirit communication. We greatly appreciate your understanding. 


 When our loved ones make their transition into the non-physical, the essence 
of them lives on. We refer to this essence as a discarnate soul or discarnate 
spirit, meaning one without a body. These discarnate spirits live in dimensions 
that are not usually seen by the human eye, but can be perceived by a medium 
using his or her inner eye or third eye. These discarnate souls are usually 
happy and eager to communicate with their loved ones, and have their own 
messages and guidance to share. Yoshie tunes into the Spirit World and blends 
with the energy of a discarnate soul to be able to communicate with it. This 
communication can bring a sense of communion, intimacy and comfort to those in 
each world. 

If you feel a strong desire to connect with a discarnate soul (a loved one 
now in the spirit world), please contact us. 

Please be reminded that you hold the magic that makes spirit communication 
possible...and that magic is your LOVE

Its your love that fuels every spirit communication, enabling your loved ones 
to come forth to communicate through a medium. So we ask for your love!

Bookings and Payment

Offering readings via Zoom Video, FaceTime, Phone, and Viber. 

In-Person Reading Hours (*Zoom Video Call Only at this time.) 

M-F 10:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. HST

Sundays 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. HST

Zoom, FaceTime, Phone, or Skype Readings 

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. HST

6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. HST  (Open Only To Clients Who Are Part of Our Coaching Program)  

*We are closed on Saturdays.


To book a session, please go to our ONLINE STORE. 


Individual Spirit Communication Readings 
45 Minutes - $200


Individual Psychic Soul Reading & Spiritual Consultation Combination

60 Minutes - $350

Family Mediumship/ Spirit Communication Group Readings (up to 5 people) 
45 Minutes (up to 2 people) - $200
45 Minutes (3 - 5 people) - $300

Group Mediumship Readings

at Spiritual Solutions (Spirit Communication) 
45 Minutes (2 People)  - $350
60 Minutes (3-5 People) - $450


Payment is due in full before your scheduled reading. Please click here for your cancellation and rescheduling policy. 

*Please call the office to inquire about spirit parties and group readings.





(808) 840-9135


1. Please contact us for our current openings/availability. 

2. Please purchase your desired reading session from our Online Store. (All session fees are listed there.)

3. After you purchase your session, please contact us from the form below to schedule your session.  

*No soliciting please. 

Your details were sent successfully!

*Please DO NOT include any additional personal information. It can prevent you from receiving the validation you are seeking and can actually inhibit the process of your reading.

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