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In our effort to provide you with the best possible hypnotherapy and spiritual reading experience, and to continue to inform the public about the numerous benefits of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, reading services we would appreciate your taking the time to provide us with your feedback on our services.

Dear Yoshie! I came to see you on November 2.....I was in such deep grief and sorrow over my boyfriends passing. I thought my heart would never mend for he was my best friend. His death was so sudden that they were many things that was never said. The funeral was on November 4th...and there was sadness...but I felt more at ease because I know that he is okay and still in a sense he is still with me! My grieving is so much faster and easier. I still miss him. Holding him and hearing his voice. Words can not express the appreciation that I have for you. You described him exactly! Everything even his personality! The message that he sent to you to give me is what I wanted to hear....that is what mended my heart!!once again thank you. I will book another session with you soon!  

Raynellen Adams

Waipahu, HI 


Dearest Yoshie,

I have been meaning to follow up with you in regards to our session. I just wanted to share with you my deepest appreciation for the bridge you provided between the spirit world and our hearts and understanding. It definitely provided a great catharsis in light of our losses as well as reassured my spiritual beliefs. I am grieving still but it has shifted in its quality since our session. I am truly inspired to open myself up more so that I can receive the messages and omni presence of my mother. 

Kayko Tamaki


I just had a reading session with yoshie today.

And I would like to say thank you.

I cry every single day since my husband passed away.

But I feel so much better now.

she told me many pieces of evidence while she was contacting with my husband.

My husband was there!! That was my husband!!!

Again, Thank you so much.

Please tell her, Thank you so much.


Miki H. 

Honolulu, HI 


Dear Yoshie, Yesterday you did a reading for me and my two friends, Susan and her daughter, Lori (Names changed). I just wanted to say thank you, with deepest gratitude for your time and energies, for this beautiful experience. I am still processing how incredibly close you brought me to my father, grandfather and Sam. It validates so many things for me, and confirms that Sam did indeed visit me after his death, as you described so accurately how he presented himself and information to you, which was the same as he did to me in what I thought was a dream. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Sara V.

Haleiwa, HI


Dear Yoshie,
I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart  for my session
of today. You are truly a gifted Medium and I will recommend you to my
friends who are willing to give it a try. Now I am at peace knowing
that my extended family had found each other in the spirit world.
I hope to see you soon
Monique, HI


Dear Yoshie,

Mahalo nui loa!  I am so grateful to you and my mom for bringing us together today. Our meeting today was probably one of the most meaningful and life-changing meetings I've had in my life!  I will definitely take your advice to heart and remind myself to keep looking forward when I fall into feeling sorry for myself while looking back at all my hurts and pain of the past.  Please know that I will be calling you again for a session and next time I hope to be in a better place in my physical and emotional life.  

Have a wonderful day!  You are truly a gift to people like me who are feeling lost and hopeless.

With much gratitude,

Helen P.

Rehoboth, MA


Yoshie, I was amazed that you brought my brother through so clearly - it was by far the best reading I have had about him so far...Honestly I had like butterfly wings in my ears as you were bringing him is the first time he has properly come through Yoshie.  Also the son who is close to had a daughter last Monday and they called her Violet May it just clicked! xox 
Kerry-Marie Callander
Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Yoshi,
Thank you so much for being able to connect with my husband. I know now he is at peace and pain free and that the love we shared is still there. God bless you in being able to bring peace to people by reconnecting them with their loved ones.
C. F 
Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Yoshie,
I had a meeting with you on Wednesday, March 26th.  You hit the mark on almost everything!
At the time my dad kept "saying" that there is something very important happening in March.  Well, he was right.  The first great grandchild was not born in April but in March! 
My mom kept "saying" Jeffry [different name used].  When I got home I realized that it was Jeffery who died about 3 years ago.  Jeffery is the grandfather of the new baby girl named....Mia [different name used].  
Linda Z., Honolulu, Hawaii

I wanted to thank Yoshie for the wonderful reading today. She really made me feel at ease and helped me better understand my spiritual path. Thank you so much.

Michael N., Waimanalo

Yoshie has a wonderful way to bring spirit alive. With her specific details regarding the person in the spirit world,  there is no doubt that my loved ones are still around me and taking part of my life. Through her mediumship she is able to bring back memories which I have almost forgotten and which give me proof of survival. I can feel her passion and dedication to this work and how deeply she is connected 
with the spirit world. She is truly a channel to bring the love from the spirit world to this world.
Monika Jauch., Switzerland 

I have known Yoshie for four years she is a very trustworthy and truthful and caring person.
 I have worked beside Yoshie who is a very experienced medium, who works honestly and truthfully with your loved ones in the spirit world, I have seen and heard the evidence she brings through that has  reduced many a person to tears as they have felt that their loved ones were in the room with them, also the information received from their loved ones was so evidential that the clients found it such a moving experience and a life changing event for them.  I have personally received a reading from Yoshie which was excellent in the way it was given, not just  in a very factual way but also a very loving and caring manner. 
I have no doubt whatsoever that should you chose to receive a reading from Yoshie that that reading will be of the very highest and truthful teamwork between Yoshie your loved ones and her helpers in the higher realms.
Yours best regards
Mrs Eleanor Guthrie 
Ayr, Scotland

Today is one of the most important day of my life and I am deeply grateful. I cannot thank you enough for the rare happiness you've given me for opening my eyes to some truths I chose to hide from before. God bless you for your kindness, your patience and everything else you did to make me see my way through this hard hours of my life. From deep within my heart, thank you. 

E. N. Honolulu 

I have had several readings with Yoshie, and I keep coming beck because it is so much fun to have her communicate with my "dead people!" She has been able to connect and communicate with my parents, my sister, my brother-in-law and other loved ones. She was able to learn how they died and to who they were by correctly interpreting the details they provide to her, so I knew who was coming through. She was able to connect with them so closely that many aspects of their personalities were able to shine through from wherever they are now. 
It is inspiring and reassuring to have Yoshie communicate so precisely with my loved ones who have passed. Knowing they are fine and that they are still with me is immensely comforting, and hearing what they have to say about life now is enlightening. 
S. P. West Virginia 

Dear Yoshie, 
Thank you so much for bringing through my gran. You told me you don’t need any testimonial but I insist that I give you one. You were spot-on on her personality, characteristics, how she passed, and when she passed. The message you received from my gran was very appropriate for what I have been going through in my life. You have given me much needed comfort and knowledge that she is around and watching over me. 
In Gratitude, John. N, England 

I have highly recommend Yoshie as an exceptionally dedicated spirit medium who delivers to the highest standard to provide evidence of survival from those in the spirit world. Yoshie always works in Truth and Love and i know anyone wishing to book a reading with her will have a unique experience on many levels, they will not be disappointed!
Marilyn Fleischmann (Psychic Spirit Artist/Medium England)

I always wanted to get hypnotized but was afraid to do it. At age 29 I finally put hypnotherapy at the top of my list of things to do. I'd seen Yoshie on her website and immediately knew she was very intuitive and loving, that I would be safe in a loving place if I went to see her for a spirit journey. I needed it at this time of great chaos and changes on the planet. She took me on the most powerful spirit journey I have ever experienced, and it was very healing and empowering. If you want to unlock more of your BEING and SOUL ESSENCE Yoshie is an excellent hypnotherapist to see! Mahalo Eternally!!!
Elizabeth J., 29 years old - Honolulu 

It’s [Hypnosis] really working for me. I am very satisfied with the results I am getting from Hypnosis. I was reading my magazine yesterday and came across with a picture of a big piece of chocolate cake but I had no craving for it. I had no desire to eat it! My boyfriend and I went out for dinner last week and I didn’t even finish my favorite desert. My boyfriend looked at me and said “Are you OK?” 
 E. B., 27 years old - Kailua 

I’m super grateful and appreciative for having received such wonderful hypnotherapeutic care from you. You helped me get back my self-confidence and to put my life in a better perspective. I feel I’m in total control of myself at last! Thank you Yoshie!  
C. I., 42 years old - Kaimuki

After only one therapy session with you, I feel an overwhelming sense of well being forming within my body and mind. 
S. N., 38 years old -Hawaii Kai

I was very impressed with my hypnotherapy session with Yoshi. She made me feel very comfortable and at ease about the whole process. Her method for inducing the trance state was shockingly effective. I wasn’t quite sure at first if it would work, but it did work nicely. I’ll definitely recommend Yoshi and her hypnotherapy to my friends and co-workers! 
F. T., 56 years old - Mililani 

One thing I really would like to say is that Yoshie is very knowledgeable about the process of Hypnosis. I’ve had Hypnotherapy sessions with a few other therapists, but they didn’t explain to me the details of Hypnosis in a way that satisfied my conscious and logical mind. Yoshie’s techniques are way more powerful and her suggestions really sunk deep into my mind. I’ve been able to focus better and move toward my goals without any more procrastinating. I thank Yoshie for putting me back on track. 
R. D., 53 years old - Hawaii Kai

Before I came to Hypnosis for Life the first time I was a total skeptic of hypnotherapy. But I’ve totally changed my perspective on that! After my hypnotherapy session with you, my pain in my back was noticeably lower and became much more manageable while my tolerance of life stress dramatically increased. I’m very impressed with your way of doing hypnotherapy, and, of course, the power of our subconscious mind. You are right about “we can find answers within.” 
F.C., 38 years old - Kahala

I really enjoyed our session yesterday. You are great. You made me feel very safe and comfortable. I will recommend you to anyone in the area who is interested in hypnotherapy. Something interesting happened yesterday. I had zero desire to eat chocolate or ice cream! You really slipped your suggestions into my “subconscious mind” effectively. I’ll keep practicing the self-hypnosis you taught me and keep you posted on my progress. Thank you so much! 
 A. M., 46 years old - Kahala

Your hypnotherapy sessions really changed my life. You have brought so much laughter into my life and I’m very, very grateful for that. My relationships with my husband and my children are much better. We actually have peaceful moments in our house. I feel like I’m a completely different person. I wish I could have known about you sooner then I wouldn’t have had to go through seeing psychologists and marriage counselors for so long! 

I’ve seen a few psychologists and marriage counselors on and off for the last 3 years in vain. I didn’t understand for the longest time why I was feeling so depressed until went through a session with you. I felt as if I had no control over my life and had a strong sense of being stuck. Even thought I had strong will power and conscious awareness to want to make positive changes in my life, I always felt something inside of me was pulling me back into my old habits and behavior. Thanks to you, I now know for the first time why I was feeling the way I used to and know how to avoid feeling the same way I used to. I’m looking forward to my next session. :-) 
D. O.,  47 years old - Kaimuki

After having the relaxing sessions with you, I feel free of my old self. I even threw away my old clothes and got myself a nice dress. You’ve taught me how to assert myself and you know what, I’ve been having an easy time accepting myself. I’ve started to accept who I am instead of keeping on criticizing myself. It’s hard to believe but it’s true. I’m starting to like myself thanks to you. 
F. W., 35 years old - Moiliili 

You really helped me see my self-destructive patterns and behavior. I have always been putting others first even before myself. And I ended up feeling a strong sense of resentment and was left with anger toward others and physical ailments. You are totally right about my repeating the patterns of my parents. I didn’t realize this until you pointed it out. I just want to thank you for helping me “Transform & Empower” my life. 
41 years old - Ewa Beach

Thanks for your email. I haven’t smoked even a single cigarette for a month. Can you believe it? I just don’t feel like smoking anymore. Can you guess what I bought last week? A new pair of running shoes! I’m enjoying my new healthy lifestyle thanks to you. I am practicing self hypnosis every day now and it has really helped me focus on my goals. 
Have a nice weekend! 
Karen S., 46 years old - A former pack a day smoker for the past 20 years 

Aloha Yoshie, just to shoot you an email to let you know I am enjoying my new life as an ex-smoker. It is now 2 weeks that I am an ex-smoker. I feel so much better without cigarettes. Thanks again, 
Sean K., 28 years old - A former smoker for the past 10 years 

You really helped me change my life. I haven't had a cigarette since that day! I just don’t want to smoke anymore. I gave your number to a few people at work:) Thanks, 
Tricia A., 36 years old - A former smoker for 18 years 

I don’t know what happened but after I got a hypnotherapy session from you last year in December, my sleeping problem ended completely that very night. 
 K. H., - Manoa

I am so glad that I came to see you today. It felt like I finally was able to put all the pieces of my puzzle together. Thank you so much. 
 J. M., 39 years old - Kailua

Thank you so much for the session today. It [Spiritual Regression] was just amazing! I think it’s going to take several days for me to process the info I received today. Thank you again for being an excellent guide during the session!!! Aloha, 
M. S., 47 - Honolulu

Thank you so much for the reading (psychic) you did for me yesterday. I just wanted to let you know that what you had told me about J was absolutely accurate. I called him yesterday evening and found out that he had been hospitalized right about the time I was getting a reading from you. He is ok now but I was just blown away!!! It’s incredible that you were able to connect with J and learn about him so accurately even before I knew about his emergency situation. It’s a bit spooky… but thank you so much for the amazing reading. I really enjoyed it! I’ll definitely  contact you again very, very soon. 
Teri L. - California

Thank you so much Yoshie! I had a great experience with you. Aloha,  
K. B., 38- Kailua 

I lost my sister a week ago. I was totally devastated…missing my little sister so badly. Yoshie brought through my sister during the reading. She had no way of knowing her passing, for I am in Australia and didn’t even tell her anything about my sister or about myself! Yoshie told me not to tell her anything before the reading so I was very careful not to give out any information about myself or my family. She knew exactly how my sister passed and the condition she was in before her passing. Yoshie knew that my sister passed very recently and got her personality absolutely correct. My parents and I are still going through the grieving process, but Yoshie gave me a strong feeling of peace and joy…knowing that my sister is doing well and still alive. 
I was so thrilled by the reading that I told my friend about Yoshie who subsequently got a reading from her. Yoshie brought through my friend’s mom…she was deeply satisfied ! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift. 
Love and hugs, 
Alison C, Australia 

Dear Yoshie, 
Just a quick message to say thank you for your reading last night. I wish you all the best - I'll be in touch! Thank you!!! 
Lucy A, Chesire, United Kingdom 

Hi Yoshie -   I just wanted to thank you for the session today. It really provided some answers to the questions that I've been carrying for a while. It was nice to see that my grandma came through as well. She was such a major part of my life and since she passed, I often feel alone - just because I can't physically see her or run to her when I just need a hug. I know that she is with me always in spirit though=).
Again, that you so very much for today. It really meant a lot to me!  
G.M. Honolulu, Hawaii


I want to thank you for the great session. The experience was 
enlightening. I feel like I made a connection with a part of myself 
that I had not tapped into for a very long time. At first I really 
didn't know what to expect. In the days following, my dreams were 
much more clear and the sleep restful. Thank you for everything. 
N. H. US MILITARY,  Honolulu

I really didn't know what to expect when I went into past life regression therapy, but after the session I was more confidant about where I am in life, and where I'm going. The experience was relaxing and mind opening. Working with Yoshi is always pleasant, and she makes sure you know what to expect, with the confidence of experience. I highly recommend Hypnosis for Life for it's professional and personal touch. 
H. B. Singer, Honolulu

I was able to clearly see and feel my previous lives on Earth. Although, since I was also still very conscious, I questioned the reality of it, but at the same time, I knew there must have been some truth to it because the emotions were real, and often the words describing the lives I saw came really quickly, without thought or second-guessing. One of the lives I saw was very peaceful and happy. I had a patient, even-keeled nature. I was able to see and feel that I am strongly connected to the spiritual realm. And I sensed, saw, felt, and heard that I am a truly a spiritual being. It was amazing to be among so many who support me, telling me I'm powerful, that I "bring Heaven on Earth to many." I saw myself as a beautiful being of light and was able to meet other beings of light that had crossed over. They look like large globes of soft white light, some with different colors. The messages I received from my guide made sense to me. One of the messages I received was “Lighten up, have fun.Business is fun, fun is business. You just haven’t learned that yet.” 
Aloha nui loa,  
K. C. Massage Therapist, Kaimuki

Yoshie, thank you so much for the amazing soul regression session! It exceeded my expectations in so many ways and I had high expectations. Now they all make sense to me. It really helped me accept many things in my life, including my current challenge with my wife. I’ve been able to see things from a brand new perspective and feel more compassion toward others. I strongly recommend her soul regression hypnosis to anyone.  
                                                                         M. E. US Military, Honolulu

I received a past life regression therapy from Yoshi and it was phenomenal! The emotions were so strong and real during the whole process. I cried like a little child and Yoshi comforted me and made me feel very safe and protected. Many questions I had about my past lives were answered beautifully. Knowledge gained through the remarkable experience with Yoshi has allowed me to feel much more comfortable with where I stand in my life. I highly recommend hypnosis for life for anyone seeking to connect with one’s eternalness. 
                                                                   L. C. Sales Associate & Student, Mililani 

It was such a profound experience! I felt so calm and peaceful during and after the session. I realized that I am so loved and protected. Thank you so much for all your help!!!

                                                                   M. L. Stay-at-home mom, Hawaii Kai 

Thank you so much for the session today. It [Spiritual Regression] was just amazing! I think it’s going to take several days for me to process the information I received today. Thank you again for being an excellent guide during the session!!! Aloha,  

                                                                                                      M. S., Honolulu


I had a Spiritual Regression done by Yoshie and it was wonderful! The relaxing nature of the hypnosis provided a safe place in which I felt free to explore the essence of who I am. I experienced my (last) previous life and my transition from that life into the non-physical in a very harmonious and peaceful manner. I then experienced the phase of my being in between my physical lives, which was absolutely enlightening! The information I learned coupled with the feelings I had allowed me to truly experience myself as an Eternal Being; a Soul here on this plane only temporarily. My perspective broadened from these insights, leaving me with a feeling of peace, control and satisfaction with Life that I did not have before. This is HIGHLY recommended for anyone looking to understand the Eternalness of our Being. 
S. P. Attorney, Honolulu 


Hi Yoshie,
It was nice meeting you today. I am so happy with today's [reading] session. I am blown away that my grandmother mentioned the girls in my past notably Christina & Angela (the names have been changed to protect privacy). Thank you so much for today & I can't wait for the hypnotherapy session.

R. A. Honolulu Hawaii

Thanks so much for today :) I really needed to hear the message about my dad. You have an amazing ability!

Much love & light,
Tiffany G, Gold Coast, QLD Australia

Hi Yoshie - I just wanted to thank you for the time 
that we all spent together this past weekend. You really and truly put a lot of 
your own time and energy into these courses and with us. The amount of thought 
and effort you put into preparing these courses for us is evident. This course 
went beyond anything that I could have comprehended and far surpassed the 
expectations that I had prior to starting the course. I am still quite amazed at 
how everything unfolded and the amount of things that we all accomplished in 
just two days! It is absolutely incredible!! All of this could not have happened 
without your guidance. The exercises that we participated in were challenging 
and fun at the same time. Our ability to connect with spirit and achieve higher 
levels of spirit communication was facilitated by the comfortable environment 
that you so carefully created for us. You helped us all to realize that it is 
okay to make mistakes and that this really isn't about us. Its really about how 
we can be of better service to spirit and mankind. This is a truly beautiful 
thing. I am so grateful for you and everything you have done and continue to 
do!! I know I must have said this a million times, but I'll make it a million 
and one - You are such an inspiration and a blessing to us all!! I am definitely 
looking forward to our next course. I'm already having withdraws from our group 
LOL! The energy was so perfect that I think I miss it. I'll see you 
God bless you always,
G.M. Honolulu

 Hi Yoshie, Just a quick note to say how 
powerful the weekend turned out to be. I completely enjoyed meeting the others, 
(all the others, both physical and spiritual) and what a jumping off place 
you've created. Thank-you so much for all your effort on our behalf. I'm 
enjoying it completely. Looking forward to connecting again soon. 

S. D. Honolulu

Thank you Yoshie for the congratulations! I 
would not being able to discover and develop this amazing gift with out your 
help. You make me feel confortable with my self. You are an awesome 
mentor/teacher! My mom did a good job sending me to
you! I am very much looking forward to course  201!

M. T. Honolulu

Aloha Yoshie, 
It was very nice to meet you and it was a good session as 
well. Thank you !!! 
All good, 
 J. Z.  Honolulu

Hi Yoshie Miakoda!

Thank you for the wonderful connection with my sister who passed 
on in late July of this year. 
I have the green stone necklace by the way! I forgot I have had 
and been carrying my charms of moldavite, labradorite, and prehnite around 
without the chain. 2 of these are green and I found a chain. 
Be well-
V.K. Cleveland, TN
Hi Yoshie,
Thank you so much for helping us yesterday. The reading gave me 
great  comfort to be able to connect with my parents. You have made such 
 a difference in my life. I feel so relieved to know my parents 
are together and happy in the spirit world.
My daughter was happy too to have connected with her Auntie Jo. 
I imagine it must be somewhat difficult when connecting with spirits but thank you for what you did for 
D. I Honolulu, HI

Hi Yoshie,

Thank you so much for today’s reading! I want to have another session with my whole family! 

C. Y. 

Honolulu, HI


Dear Yoshi,

Your reading was amazing. Thank you for connecting with my parents. You exceeded my expectation! I was totally blown away when you described my daughter in detail and even her occupation! I’ll contact you soon again for another reading session. 


G. W, Honolulu, HI

The reading was truly amazing! Thank you so much.
Hi Ms. Chihara,
I want to thank you for helping me yesterday.  I am at peace and do not feel as much turmoil as I had these past years.  I have already started to live in the present and am trying not to dwell on the past.

Thank you for also taking the time to digress and channel my father's family.  It is interesting, yet in hindsight, not surprising, that my grandmother came through.  She was very talkative and "gasa gasa".
L.N. Hilo, Hawaii

Hello Yoshie,      
I would like to first thank you for the amazing experience I had on July 28, 2013.  The Spiritual Regression session I had was what I really needed in this time of my life.  Doing the session has helped me to 
move forward and I have never felt more centered and happy since that day.  A million thank yous for all that you do.  I am blessed to have met you on this journey. :) 
Maresa-Ann H., Honolulu, Hawaii 

Just came out of a reading and I'm flabbergasted! It's mind boggling how much she knew about my deceased brother, I mean those things that my family didn't even know about him but only I know. It truly was a transformative, eye opening experience. I feel calm and peaceful now knowing that my brother is at peace and that he is watching over me. 

Yoshie was so kind and has this powerful presence. Getting a reading from her is one of the best moments of my life! 
When she speaks to you, she speaks directly into my soul and something that was blocked within me got lifted. It's hard to describe but amazing feeling! 

I feel do happy. I'm in a such good place right now and it's a perfect way to welcome a new year! 

Thank you Yoshie!


Sophia Lee, Honolulu

[yelp reveiw]


My experience with Yoshie changed my life. I was very apprehensive of seeing a psychic medium, but at the same time intrigued. I just held my breath and jumped. I am so glad I did. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I went to a Soul Regression Session and it was great. Words could not explain what I felt and my life changed. I got words from my Grandmother who passed and also had a connection with my Father. I was in tears. I am so excited to go to another session with Yoshie. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

 Lisa M, Honolulu

[yelp reveiw]

I had a session with Yoshie two weeks ago and it was truly amazing. 
I consider myself as an open-minded but skeptical person. 
I've had readings from many psychics and mediums over the years here in Hawaii and outside of Hawaii. I'm highly intuitive myself so I know what quality reading can be like. My friends and I had been getting readings from lan vo past few years and she is a very nice lady and talented psychic. But, my friends recently went to see Yoshie who came with very strong recommendation of their co-workers. They all had "incredible" experiences with Yoshie and suggested that I also go see her. 

I'm so glad I went to see her.  The reading was just amazing and it was a kind of reading that I've never experienced before! She immediately brought through my mother-in-law who passed recently and described her in such detail I knew immediately it was her. She also was able to describe her personality, our challenging relationship, how she passed, her birthday, and also gave me a beautiful message from my mother-in-law that brought  tears of joy to my eyes. She also brought through my friend who recently passed from cancer as well as my cousin, old boyfriend, grandmother all with such accuracy. It really was a 5 star experience, not 3, not 4, but 5 stars!

Debbie S, Las Vegas NV

[yelp review]

I have had two telephone sessions with Yoshie, who far exceeded my expectations with each call. Almost immediately upon answering the phone, Yoshie was able to make contact with varied family members, who gave messages of support for several important issues about which I was concerned and about which Yoshie had no previous knowledge. Yoshie's accurate physical and personality descriptions confirmed each message came from a member of my family. Yoshie's warmth, down to earth and caring approach made each session especially meaningful to me. I highly recommend her as a skilled, caring, accurate and thorough psychic medium


Latifu M, Sacramento, CA

[yelp revew]

OMG she blew me away! When we visited my family in Hawaii, My girlfriend gifted me with a reading with Yoshie and everything she said, I mean everything was spot on, exactly on point. She connected with my deceased parents so accurately and knew even when they passed and how they passed. She even repeated the exact words my mom said before she passed. She also described my cousin so accurately and how he was taken to the other side...from a tragic accident. I don't know how she does it but she is incredible. I highly, highly recommend her! If you need to connect with your loved ones she is the one to go for sure. Truly amazing experience!   I'll definitely go see her again!


Jason L, San Jose, CA

[yelp revew]

I have had the privilege of having two wonderful sessions with Yoshie. The first time I was going to her by myself but at the last minute, I asked my husband & mother-in-law if they wanted to come along.  Well, I believe Spirit wanted to have all three of us there - we all received messages - me from my parents, and my father-in-law had messages for my husband & his mother.  The session brought so much calmness to our lives and I believe that the experience also helped my husband & I deal with the sudden passing of his mother.  To know that she lives on and that one day we will see each other again.  I knew from that reading that I needed to return with my sisters and was so glad that I did because they too experienced the life changing messages from our parents.  My mother had a chance to thank my sister for all she did for her during her illness and my brother-in-law was able to tell my other sister that he's always around - keeping an eye on things and that he'll be there when it is her time to make the transition.  She was able to describe our loved ones and convey messages with accuracy. Yoshie is such a loving person & talented medium - she is spot on and she makes you feel so comfortable during the readings.  Thank you Yoshie.


Brenda S., Honolulu, Hi

Prior to our visiting Hawaii my husband and I did some online search to find a psychic medium to get a reading from and quite a few of them came up. But when we saw Yoshie, we both immediately knew that she was the one we needed to speak to.We are so glad that we made the right decision. I don't think I can find the words to express how grateful I was to meet Yoshie. 

She immediately connected with our son and described him in detail. She knew how he passed and even knew things that he used to say and do. The energy there was so amazing that my husband and I were both able to feel him so closely. We cried and laughed at the same time. What a healing experience it truly was!  We know now he is at peace.  

Thank you so much Yoshie from the bottom of our hearts for helping us find peace. You are truly a gift to people like us who are grieving and in need of healing.


Marie Ann I.

Los Angeles, CA

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