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Spirit Messenger UNLEASHED

Psychic & Mediumship Enhancemnt Online Program 



Discover The Tested And Proven Steps To Unfolding And Strengthening Mediumship Abilities

Mediumship Training Online

Home Study Course 

Become A Spirit-Inspired, Integrity-Based, Psychic Medium 

No nonsense. Simple. Effective. Powerful. 

Do any of these statements apply to you? 



  • You quickly become overwhelmed and affected by others’ moods and energies.


  • You’ve always known things that others didn't and are sensitive to subtleties in your environment.


  • You’ve been told by psychics and mediums, at least several occasions, that you are “gifted” but have no idea how to unfold your gift further.


  • You want to explore your sensitives but are stopped and frightened by your fear surrounding spirits and ghosts.


  • You’ve been working as an intuitive practitioner and want to deepen your connection with spirits safely and powerfully.


  • You feel not good enough, frightened, and doubtful when working as a psychic medium. 


  • You want to feel comfortable being in your own skin and confidently give empowering spiritual readings that make a difference.

  • You are serious about embracing the path of becoming  a professional psychic medium. 

If They Sound Like You, Even If You Are New To Spirit Communication, Or Already Working As A Professional Medium Looking To Enhance Your Mediumistic Abilities, You’ve Come To The Right Place!

This course is a 7-week no-nonsense, practical, and comprehensive online course that will help you unfold and strengthen your spiritual and mediumship abilities.  


Here is why this course is rather unique and different from other courses and books on Spirit Communication: there are 5 crucial components that we must understand to communicating with spirits effectively. These critical components are overlooked in 98% of mediumship or psychic development training courses and books. As a result, people often give up in their mediumistic unfolding. 


This course will cover those  5 Keys that help make each spirit communication, mediumship a success.


You'll learn the step-by-step process of becoming a spiritual medium. Yes, it does require commitment. It can also be challenging, but it does create results. 


This course is NOT just about understanding and developing your mediumship, but it will also give you the tools that you can use to enhance the quality of your life and to truly realize your divine power within.

What's In This Course...


  • 5 Keys to Successful Spirit Communication Blueprint 

  • An Amazing Power of Purposeful Eye Positioning to See and Feel Spirits Digram (It has never been revealed!)

  • Understanding the Mechanics of Mediumship (How Spirit Communication Works)

  • How to Attune to Soul Power and the Spirit

  • How to Build Your Spiritual Power

  • How to Get In-Touch with Your Spiritual Guides

  • How to Interpret Personal Symbols

  • How to Strengthen Your Spiritual Muscles

  • How to Connect with Deceased Loved Ones

  • How to Maintain a Link with Spirit Communicators

  • Discover Tools and Structure for Your Mediumship

  • How to Give Mediumship Readings

  • Honoring Your Mediumship Style

  • How to Become a Confident Medium

  • How to Transform Nervousness Into Power

  • Psychology of Mediumship


You Are About To Discover The 7 Powerful Stages To Unleash Your  Spirit Messenger Within  

Week 1 

Build The Sacred Foundation


Every building stands upon a carefully laid foundation. A spirit-inspired, integrity based spiritual medium stands on a solid foundation of spiritual knowledge. In this stage, you are going to learn about the evolution of mediumship/spirit communication and how you can use the understanding to make a positive impact, plus, you'll uncover the myths of spirit communication so that you feel secure and safe as you embark on this beautiful journey of spiritual, mediumistic unfoldment. 


Week 2

Develop Your Psychic Senses


Developing psychic ability is an essential part of mediumistic development, for every medium uses his/her heightened sense of awareness and sensitivities/psychic senses to connect with the psychic forces of spirit. In this stage, you’ll learn various ways in which you can strengthen and use your psychic senses to add values.



Week 3

Uncover the How’s of Spirit Communication


How does a spiritual medium work? How does a medium connect with the spirits on the other side? What's the role of your spirit team? How can you work with your guide more powerfully? In this stage, you are going to uncover the how’s of spirit communication plus, you’ll gain access to Secrets of Successful Spirit Communication diagram that shows exactly how all the energies come together to make every spirit communication possible, plus hands-on exercises that will help establish communication codes with your spiritual guides.  You'll also discover the dynamic mechanism of mind and brain connection during spirit communication.  



Week 4

Discover the Step-by-Step Process of

Spirit Communication


In this stage, you’ll discover the in-depth step-by-step process of spirit communication so that you get crystal clear on what it entails to unfold powerful spirit communication. Plus, you’ll learn the 5 Essential Keys to spirit communication that will increase the success of your spiritual reading.  



Week 5

Spiritual Readings: Make Them Work For You


Organization and structure are integral parts of mediumship and they can guide you to work efficiently and effectively as an ambassador of Spirit without overwhelm and confusion.  In this stage, you’ll learn how to conduct private readings and gain a Spiritual Reading Blueprint for conducting a successful spiritual reading.  Plus, you are going to receive Spirit Question and Evidence Templates that will prevent you from blanking out during a reading.



Week 6

Overcome Mediumship Challenges


What should I do when something goes wrong?  How can I make this work? Naturally, many questions arise working as a medium. In this section, you’ll learn the answers and solutions to overcome and prepare for challenging situations when working to connect with spirits. The more prepared you are, the better medium you’ll be in serving your sitter and representing the spirit world without going into a state of panic.




Week 7

Claim Your Brilliance


Mediumship can be a nerve-racking experience to many, especially to those in their early stages of mediumistic unfolding. There is so much pressure to be correct and accurate. Aspiring and professional mediums sometimes bring the pressure onto themselves. Creating successful mediumship depends heavy on how mediums manage their mental state.  In this stage you'll discover proven steps to move from being nervous to feeling confident



How Does the Program Actually Work?


We will be dividing the available tools and materials to enhance the learning experience. We have three modules available as Informational Sections, which offer you a solid background and history to understand before beginning the second three sections, the Hands-On Sections. Hands-On Sections provide exercises for you to practice and begin gaining experience in developing your mediumship. Finally there is Module 7, which serves as the Application Section. This is where you will apply both your knowledge and your hands-on experience into developing your abilities. This provides an effective set-up to learning and retaining the most important information to put forth and use in your life.

Here is what our Mediumship Workshop participants had to say about Spiritual Solutions' live Mediumship Training Workshop. The Online Mediumship Home Study Training Course contains lots of the training materials taught during my live Mediumship Training Workshop and much more!

Rev. Dr. Michael Nedbal

Vice President, Divine Love Ministry


Yoshie's mediumship workshop was an incredible experience. For many years I have believed in the ability for spirits to communicate with mortals. I have read countless books containing messages of such communication. And I have sat with mediums who received incredibly inspiring messages from spirits. But I have always wanted to connect with spirits myself. Yoshie laid the foundation for the intellectual understanding of how spirit communication works. By using her techniques, which were unique among the many books that I have read, I was able to effectively make undeniable connections to spirits in the spirit world. How exciting and rewarding this was for me! I have tried spirit communication in the past with little success. 


Yoshie taught me specific methods in how to "blend" my energy with the spirits which resulted in very strong and undeniable connections. The workshop opened a whole new universe for me to explore. I came away with the understanding and confidence that I needed to further pursue my studies in spirit communication. If you are at all interested in mediumship and spirit communication I highly recommend Yoshie's workshop. The veil will drop and you will experience first hand, communication from the other side.

Lori , Financial Adviser

I attended Yoshie's training purely as moral support for a family member who did not want to go through the workshop alone. I've never been gifted or talented in any way shape or form with regards to being a medium, nor did I expect to ever acquire the ability. Coming in with the mentality of simply a spectator, it was truly amazing what I got out of the weekend retreat. It was fascinating to learn the history and background of mediums, various techniques, and how it has changed and evolved throughout time. However the real amazement came while learning the techniques of mediumship and understanding that everyone has it to a certain degree. Through the various exercises and training, our class experienced incredible messages from spirit that allowed me to truly embrace the gifts and abilities I was not even aware I already had. It's not magic, it's not immediate, it is truly hard work and a test of your ability to be aware and present--something oddly enough, we rarely do in life. Yoshie was a phenomenal teacher helping to guide and support each person through their journey of discovery. It was a weekend that brought much peace, comfort, and understanding of something much greater than ourselves. Whether you want to do this professionally or are just curious, I highly recommend this course. Not only will you experience the amazing gift of spirit, but you'll also gain a new perspective on life and hopefully change the way you live it for the better.

Emi, Attorney, Honolulu, HI

When I signed up for Yoshie’s mediumship 101 course, I had no idea what to expect. I was not intending to become a practicing medium, but I was curious about the spirit world after having seen Yoshie connect to so many loved ones during her readings. As most people are, I was skeptical, but at the same time open to learning. Yoshie provided a brief history of spirit communication and an introductory lesson in various forms of mediumship, which was very helpful for me having had no knowledge whatsoever. 

I was amazed during our mediumship 101 course that each and every one of the students was able to attune to the spirit world and bring through loved ones with accurate detail. I recall another student who was able to communicate with my grandma with so much detail, down to the knee-high stockings she wore and the stew she cooked for me every time I visited. The depth of what occurred during this course left me with the unshakable and certain belief that we can all communicate with our loved ones in the spirit world…it just takes an open heart, guidance from Yoshie, belief in ourselves, and practice.


 My experience during the mediumship 101 course was so uplifting and enlightening that I welcomed the opportunity to take Yoshie’s mediumship 201 course. In the mediumship 201 course, all of the students were put through rigorous exercises to hone our mediumship abilities. I think each of us left with a renewed sense of confidence that we all indeed can communicate with the spirit world. 


What I saw from both courses is that Yoshie is committed to the success of all her students, and she does so in a loving and safe environment. We were all blessed by Yoshie’s willingness to teach us in a few days what she has learned over the course of years.

As a lifelong Christian, I am so thankful to have been a part of Yoshie’s mediumship 101 and 201 courses. What I have gained is the confidence to help others heal…by providing them with evidence that their loved ones who have passed are at peace and are always watching over them until the day they see each other again.

Anissa, Customer Service Representative

Yoshie wasn’t kidding. Experiencing spirit communication first hand profoundly changed my life. It confirmed what I’ve been sensing all these years, and raised my understanding of it to an entirely different level. It’s one thing to have someone give you a reading, but to receive the messages yourself, especially for the first time, was a very humbling and exciting experience. It was a moment I will never forget! Yoshie’s guidance, knowledge, and information helped build a good foundation in understanding mediumship. I learned to ground myself and raise my vibration in a different and more powerful way. The exercises she provided made me more focused and aware of what I was sensing. For me, it was about trusting and believing that I could do this. Once I did, everything just felt and came so naturally. I was able to feel, hear, see, and smell things while communicating. It was amazing! 


Corinne Travillion, M.B.A., Retired Marketing Executive

I had no mediumship experience, so I started listening to Yoshie's "Spirit Attunement" CD. I used the CD almost daily for three months before attending the first workshop intensive, Mediumship 101. Yoshie's guided meditations helped me to blend with Source and my spirit team, paving the way for spirit communication. "Spirit Attunement" continues to be an important part of my meditative practice.


I attended Mediumship 101 and 201 six months apart. In just a short time, I was able to receive evidential information, thanks to Yoshie's specific techniques and support. It has been a life-changing experience, for myself and others as well. There is such power, comfort and understanding in evidential mediumship.

Eika, Business Owner ( Chiropractic & Therapeutic Massage Clinic)


I have read many books about mediumship, and studied on my own in the past, but had never taken a workshop. I had even tinkered with the thought of traveling to England to study mediumship. I found a couple of schools I was interested in but gave up due to the long distance and expense.  


So when I saw Mrs. Yoshie Chihara's profile, I was very excited because she is right here in Hawaii! Reading about Yoshie’s knowledge and experience, I expected no less than a superb experience.  

My expectations were met and exceeded.  


The class moved smoothly, was well organized, informative, and FUN! We laughed and cried. It was such a great group guided by an excellent teacher. We played many games testing our mediumship capabilities, and I was amazed at what I experienced.  


In my daily communication with others, I had often assumed or guessed about capabilities without really knowing if I had a knack for it or if it was just my imagination. So most of the time, I ended up not finding out whether my intuition had any basis in reality.  


But in this class, I found out that what I felt or saw in my mind during the training wasn’t just my imagination! It was amazing and it made me realize that I can trust my instincts and intuition!


I will highly recommend Mrs.Yoshie’s class to anyone who is interested in Mediumship development.

Thank you!!

Adele Lau


I always had an interest in mediumship but was doubtful that I could even begin to learn the concepts and techniques. 

 I decided to take a course through Spiritual Solutions because of the positive results I had with Yoshie on a previous Spiritual Communication session. Although nothing is a guarantee, I believed Yoshie would give me the best chance in gaining confidence and showing me various techniques to use to allow me to gain spiritual awareness and strengthen my mediumship capability. 


In class, she made everyone feel comfortable and allowed us to ask infinite amount of questions. She taught us different techniques and tools to use and gave us many opportunities to practice what was learned without ever letting anyone feel less skilled than the other classmates. Yoshie always had a positive approach, was very understanding to each students abilities, and somehow knew when to ask the students the right questions about what we were feeling in a kind and very compassionate way. At times, it would get emotional because of the positive readings we were getting from fellow students, but there was never once that anyone felt uncomfortable. In fact, I found this to be a soul lifting experience. The result of all this was that I was able to give multiple evidential information to other classmates, including Yoshie, during this training. Prior to this course, I had little mediumship experiences.


I would definitely recommend Spiritual Solutions to anyone that is ready to unleash their mediumship capabilities. 

Bessie, Counselor, Oahu, HI


I went to Yoshie about three years ago because I had been seeking a medium to hopefully make contact with my mother who had passed away around that time. Yoshie was able to make contact with my mother and I felt a sense of peace and a confirmation that my mother’s spirit does live on.


I was inspired and curious to know if I could develop this gift as I wanted to learn how to continue to connect with my mother. I pondered for a couple of years to take a mediumship course and I finally made the decision to do just that and I chose Yoshie as my teacher.


2015 was a landmark year for me and I am happy to say that I have completed both courses and feel very confident in the mediumship skills I have learned. Yoshie’s ability to encourage, trust, and with great passion draw our mediumship gifts out in a very organic and experiential way truly assisted me in knowing I am a medium and can be of support to others in this way. 


I highly recommend Yoshie to anyone who is seeking to learn to become a medium. Thank you Yoshie. I am blessed to have learned from you.

FACT: The Methods And Tools Shared In Spirit Messenger UNLEASHED Home Study Course Helped EVERY SINGLE One of My Live Mediumship Training Workshop Participants Learn To Become Aware Of Spirits. 

Plus... You Will Receive

These Bonuses!

Spiritual Solutions Hawaii

Bonus #1

Amazing Healing

Passage Into The Sacred Inner Spirit

Spiritual Solutions Hawaii

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Supercharge Your Spiritual Muscles

Heighten Your Psychic Senses

Spiritual Solutions Hawaii

Bonus #3

5 Proven Steps To Predicting Your Future And Living Your Higher Purpose


Bonus Value $319

'Empowered' Members, You Will Also Receive...

Extra Bonus

One Hour Personal Mediumship Training Session with Yoshie via Skype ($650 Value)

Yes! You are getting access to Spirit Messenger Unleashed Online Home Study Video Course ($500 Value) + 7 Bonuses ($319 Value) +  An Hour Personal Mediumship Online Training Workshop ($650 Value

All This For Just $697! 

Get Ongoing Support via Email for FREE

If you have any questions on the program, please feel free to email us. We are just an email away. 




  • Life Time Access to Spirit Messenger Unleashed Online Home Study Course  ($500 Value)

  • 7 Bonuses ($319 Value)

  • Ongoing email support 





  • Life Time Access to Spirit Messenger Unleashed Online Home Study Course  ($500 Value)

  • 7 Bonuses ($319 Value) 

  • An Hour Personal Mediumship Online Training Workshop with Yoshie ($650 Value

  • Ongoing Email Support

*While we make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent all the products and services reviewed on this website and their potential for Mediumship Unfoldment, it should be noted that statements made on Spirit Messenger Unleashed Home Study course and any other products made by Spiritual Solutions, LLC/ the owner are estimates only of what we think you can possibly achieve. There is no guarantee that you will be able to make spirit contacts and you accept the risk that the results differ by individual. The use of our products, information, and services should be based on your own due diligence and you agree that Spiritual Solutions, LLC , the owner, and any individuals/our affiliates / sponsors of this website are not liable for any success or failure of your mediumship development that is directly or indirectly related to the purchase and use of our products, information, and services on this website. Use at your own risk.

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