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Reveal the Hidden Gold within You

A 90-Day Accelerated Transformational Breakthrough Program 

Do any of these statements apply to you?

  • You are suffering from self-critical, stinkin’ thinking and stuck in a stress-filled life.

  • You want to get unstuck from unhealthy, hurtful relationships with yourself and others, and cultivate loving relationships.

  • You want to become clear of your path and strive forward with courage and passion. 

  • You want to shift your vibrational frequencies DRAMATICALLY and RAPIDLY to become irresistible and magnetic to the amazing gifts of life.

  • You are ready to give yourself a Big Life Makeover.

The Accelerator Path is Where I Work Directly with You on Inner Strategies for a Rapid Shift to Becoming Irresistible and Magnetic to Love and Peace Vibrations. 

Hawaii Psychic Medium
Hawaii Psychic Medium

This program will revolutionize your world and your life will never ever be the same again... 

Are you feeling totally stuck and don't know which way to turn?  

Have you hit a glass ceiling that is hard to break through on your own?

My “Revel the Hidden Gold Within You” 90-Day Accelerated Program


You realize your life circumstances are costing you emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

You realize it’s time to “spring clean” your inner house and to shift your energy dramatically to bring more peace, love, and joy into your life.

I, myself, was an unhappy, depressed stay-at-home mom living a life filled with stress, fear, confusion, anger, and sadness.  I had no idea what I was good at and what I wanted to do with my life.  I had no sense of direction, no clarity, and as a result, no happiness. 

I simply felt lost in life.

Everything shifted in a positive direction when I went through a dramatic shift in my life. I was confronted with the fact that I actually had Spiritual Gold within me.


This led to an amazing life of doing what I love so much - - being a Vibrational Alchemist (a spiritual medium and transformational coach) , serving people from all walks of life from different parts of the world, making a difference and living my purpose.

YOU also have beautiful Spiritual Gold within yourself.

Once you access your inner Gold, your life will NEVER EVER be the same again.

You’ll move courageously, confidently, and live your life from a place of joy, trust, and passion.

I’ll guide you through a powerful process to OBLITERATE your unwanted “energetic blockages” and help you access the Spiritual Gold within.

  • Destroy old patterns that have blocked you from having amazing relationships and a passionate life.

  • Eliminate those unconscious decisions that limit your success.

  • Shift your vibrational frequencies to access higher guidance and gifts of life.

  • Boost your life force and become magnetic to the vibration of love.

  • Gain healthy mental habits that nurture your spirit.

  • Tap into the path of Vibrational Alchemy, the energy transformer.


This Accelerated Program is only offered to candidates who are READY for a rapid energetic breakthrough in their life.

If you BELIEVE in yourself and in your POTENTIAL…

If you FEEL the time is NOW to have a complete life makeover…

And If your COMMITMENT is STRONGER than your fears…

Let's work together!

Stage 1: Train Your Mind to Work for You

Step 1: Experience Spiritual Soul Connection  

It's all about understanding who you are and what you are capable of achieving and becoming in your life. During your Spiritual Soul Connection reading, you'll discover your potential, soul's purposes, and your sacred contract here on earth so that you can move forward with clarity, courage,  and purpose. 

Step 2: Removing Blocks that Are Holding You Back

Most of your current decisions and action are heavily influenced by your deep seated, old subconscious beliefs that no longer serve your well being and go against your heart's desires. You'll go through a powerful transformation process to release your "stuck" and unwanted beliefs out of your system so you can create the space for inviting life's blessings to come into your life. 

Stage 2: Deep Energy Shift

Step 3: Past Life Regression into Empowerment

You are an eternal, multidimensional spiritual being having physical life experiences; therefore, it's possible for you to tap into your past which can bring about profound life-changing insights on your current situations and life circumstances.


When you make peace with every part of you, you will be ready to purposefully create the life that brings joy into your life. You'll be guided to go through a journey into your beautiful soul and fully grasp your unique significance to the Universe.

Step 4: Pre-pave Your Future to Work for You

After releasing your unwanted blocks and making peace with your past then you are ready to purposely pave your future pathway that is in alignment with your heart's desires.


You'll be guided and shown ways to re-craft your life experiences that bring more meaning, peace, and love into your life.  You are well on your way to  becoming a conscious, purposeful creator of your life  

Stage 3: Spiritual Transformation

Step 5: Vibrational Healing to Open Up Your

Spiritual Channel


Vibrational Healing increases communication between your body, mind, and spirit, allowing you to move towards greater levels of self-acceptance, integration, and wholeness.  


You can feel your energy blocks completely dissolved and restore natural balance between your body, mind, and spirit; your energy level increases plus you'll experience deep relaxation and help your body release stress. You'll experience a powerful yet peaceful energy cleansing which will help you to open up to receive higher guidance to live a spirit-inspired life.   

Step 6: Total Energy Clearing 

Each of us can accumulate "energetic debris" that does not belong to us. Many of us unconsciously pick up unwanted energy from our friends, family members, strangers, situations in life and from the world which can weaken your energy level and affect your mental and emotional well-being negatively. 


Just like you brush your teeth daily, your energy needs to be cleansed so that you will not be lost in the self-sabotaging energy that works against you and keep you from moving in the direction of your desires.


Total Energy Clearing is a process that will enable you to clean up your energy field that surrounds your physical body. During the clearing session, I blend with my healing guides and co-create an energetic cleansing experience with your higher self so that energy debris can be released and create space for life's blessings to come into your life. 

Step 7: Effortless Magnetism - Enhance Your Magnetism to Live Your Life with Passion


Purposeful creation is not just about having "the right" mindset and taking inspired action after action, but it's a lot to do with managing your energy.


When you are able to increase your energetic magnetism, things that you desire show up in your life with great speed.


You'll discover powerful tools to purposely transform your energy and increase magnetism to attract love, peace, and joy into your life.  

The Reveal the Hidden Gold within You is an Accelerated Transformational Breakthrough 

90 Day Program 


First Month: Step 1 and Step 2

Step 1: Experience Spiritual Soul Connection

Step 2: Removing Blocks that Are Holding You Back 

Second Month: Step 3 and Step 4

Step 3: Past Life Regression into Empowerment

Step 4: Pre-pave Your Future to Work for You

Third Month: Step 5, Step 6 and Step 7

Step 5: Vibrational Healing to Open Up Your Spiritual Channel

Step 6: Total Energy Clearing 

Step 7: Effortless Magnetism - Enhance Your Magnetism to Live Your Life with Passion


Total 7 Transformative Sessions

(All sessions must be scheduled within 90 days of your sign up date.) 

You'll also receive email and text support.

Begin your transformative journey today! 

Get started


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