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Is It Ethical Or Unethical?

What if someone asks you to spiritually tune into your partner, boy or girl friend, relatives, or family members to see what’s going on in their lives?

My clients have often asked me to read into other people’s thoughts. Working as a psychic medium, I can do that no problem, and tune into others’ energy field and get information about a particular person.

Distance is no obstacle when it comes to working with energies.

But, is this ethical? Where do we draw the line? Are we being too nosy? Is it a violation of privacy?

When my clients have a reading, they give permission to tune into their energies, read into what’s going on in their lives, and discern direction that they are going in their personal lives. Nevertheless, these clients’ significant others haven’t given permission to read into them.

As a matter of practice, I never just walk around tuning into other peoples’ energy and getting into their business. That’s not my thing. Besides, I would get extremely exhausted very quickly if I did that, so I’m sure I wouldn’t want to experience that!

But what about another scenario?

What if a client suspects that her husband is having an affair? She confronts her husband, but he denies any extramarital affair.

Nevertheless, when she comes to me for a reading I tune into her husband’s energy. I sense that he is indeed cheating on her. The person that her husband is having an affair with is so strongly present in his electromagnetic field that I can even see her face clearly and receive her name.

Our energies don’t lie. He’s totally busted!

Some may question the ethics of tuning into others’ energies without their permission. In this particular case, my client’s loved ones in the Spirit World inspired her to come to me for a reading. The reading just confirmed her own intuitive hunch about her husband.

This is the nonjudgmental complimentary power of Spirit and working with Spirit.

Some people believe that they can fool others. Yes, sometimes we sure can, but we cannot ever fool spirits. Everything is very transparent to spirits and our loved ones are so much part of our lives.

If we allow ourselves to become more open to spiritual guidance, life can be so much more rewarding and we’ll be open to guidance to meet certain people and be at the right place at the right time.

My client trusted her intuition and spiritual guidance and took action.

You can learn to listen to and strengthen your intuition so that you can make the right decisions that will enable you to live a happier, joyful life.

I’m in the process of creating a training program that shows how you can strengthen your intuition. When it’s complete, I’ll be sending out more information.

I LOVE creating and I LOVE sharing something that really helped me to improve the quality of my life!

Live and Love,



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