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Weekly Inspirational Reading: Perfect Divine Timing

All things happen at the prefect divine time.

Trust your Spirit within to know what is best and right for you. Be aware that you are being guided and prepared for something wonderful that is beyond your imagination.

Do not allow your lower level inclinations take control of your mind and push a false sign of urgency on your actions. When the time is right, everything will happen smoothly and effortlessly.

So do not rush.

Take a deep breath and relax knowing that you are very much looked after. Remind yourself again that you are not living this life on your own. You have a team of spirits and angels who are supporting and backing you up every step of the way.

Know that you are and always will be guided to be in the right place at the perfect Divine timing. Patience and the ability to maintain a positive mental attitude are sacred elements of success.

Affirmation: I’m always at the right place at the perfect Divine time.


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