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Weekly Inspiration: Your Greatness

There is a greatness within each of us. You may get glimpses and not see it often enough, but it’s there and was given to you at birth.

It may take some effort and focus to see and unfold this gift, nevertheless it is there waiting to be brought into the open and shine.

Uncovering your greatness does not require one to know all the steps in detail to step into your magnificence. However, it is vital to know that which you love and to be courageous and inspired to follow what you love.

When you become intently focused on that which inspires you the most, your very existence, without your conscience awareness, will have positive impacts on the whole world. An analogy for this state is like honeybees that, without their knowledge, sustain the ecosystem and give life to many beautiful things. They accomplish these larger purposes and beauty by their just doing what they ‘love’ to do.

Let the power of inspiration carry you forward and guide your actions. This will surly help unfold and reveal in each proceeding step a guiding light toward your gift of greatness.

Affirmation: I trust and know that each step will be revealed to me easily and effortlessly as I follow my passion.


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