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The Spirit World

Where is the Spirit World?

I've often been asked this question.

The below is an excerpt from the book, “Death and the Afterlife – Three Lectures.”

by Andrew Jackson Davis who was an amazing prophet and had extraordinary clairvoyant powers. It may give you some ideas as to where the Spirit World is... :-)

The spiritual world is made from life-points sent out from the chemical coalitions of the planets. Thus the Summer-Land becomes a literal truth in harmony with the nervo-astronomy of the universe system.

It may seem to your imagination that this spiritual world is afar off—that it must be a vast and remote existence, because astronomers have not peered into it. But it is my belief that astronomers, with their physical instruments, will, one of these fortunate future days, recognize the Summer-Land, and I believe, furthermore, that astronomers will see landscapes and physical scenes there more clearly than those vague images while are now revealed through telescopes, as existing upon the moon and different rolling stars.

No, the spirit-world is not remote. We move every moment in its presence. This earthly planet itself rolls in its orbit under the observation of the inhabitants of the Spirit-Land. The vast includes the little. The Summer-Land is the comprehensive sphere. Astronomically speaking, the earth is on one side of that vast galaxy of suns and planets termed “the milky-way,” and directly across this great physical belt of stars, we find the sublime repose of the Summer-Land; and this is but the receptacle of the immortal inhabitants who ascend from the different planets that belong to our solar system. These planets all have celestial rivers which lead from them toward the heavenly shores. As each organ in the human body holds its physical relation to the brain by means of nerves and blood-rivers, so these different planets in the physical universe hold a currental, magnetic, and electrical relation to the Summer-Land, which corresponds to the brain. How is it that strength rises to the brain of a man from what he eats? It’s by means of circulation. And this circulation is is regulated by the law of attraction and repulsion?

How do spirits travel from these physical globes to their homes in the Summer-Land, and reversely, from the Summer-Land to persons and places on the planets?

Answer: By circulation. And here, too, magnetic river-circulation is regulated by attraction and repulsion! Thus the analogy may be extended ad infinitum.

An excerpt from the book, “Death and the Afterlife – Three Lectures.”

By Andrew Jackson Davis

Hawaii Psychic Medium


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