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The Law of Attraction Q&A - My son doesn't listen to me.

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Q: I had a huge shouting match with my son. He was rude to elders and I tried to teach him to be respectful to others but he doesn't listen to me. What can I do? I’m very frustrated.

A: Just want to remind you that your children didn't come into this world to please you or to be controlled by their parents.

Your children came into this world with the knowingness that they have a guidance system within them.

Through contrasting experiences (pleasant and unpleasant experiences) they will come to know their own power and discover how to direct their own thoughts and energy in a way that will maximize joy through the process of creation.

Your children including you and I are extensions of Source Energy, the energy of well being and Source of all creations.

This applies to everyone here on earth.

And the main reason why most people do not believe that they are extensions of Source Energy is because they do not feel good inside on a daily basis.

And the reason why they do not feel good is because they are thinking thoughts that create resistance...they are thinking thoughts that trigger uncomfortable emotions within them and block their natural wellness to flow through them.

Those thoughts are usually doubts, frustration, fear, insecurity, guilt, shame, powerlessness and so on... Those thoughts put you out of alignment with the Source.

When you are out of alignment with Source Energy and try to influence or control others, it will NEVER EVER work.

I personally tried it hundreds of times and I assure you it will not work. And I finally got it lol

Instead, you'll be brining more situations and circumstances that will keep you out of alignment with Source Energy.

In other words, you will create more resistance.

So if you want to influence someone and want to get a positive outcome, you must first:

1. Before you take any action, put yourself in alignment with Source Energy by thinking thoughts that make you feel really good.

2. Let go of control of others - the energy of wanting to control others is equivalent to the energy of insecurity, powerlessness, frustration, and anger. If you take action from the place of misaligned energy, you are planting a seed of frustration and shame like energy and you will harvest the fruits of misaligned situations and circumstances that will simply intensify the feeling of out of control.

3. Better guide your thinking - the only thing you can control is how YOU think and feel. How you think and feel affect your reality. Guide yourself into better feeling thoughts, elevate your energy, and take action from the place of alignment.

4. Pay attention to all the aspects that are working for you. Pay attention to all the aspects in others that you love that stir up joy within you. Point out the good and praise them and intensify that energy. Inspire children through empowerment rather than disempowerment. If you try to teach children through disempowerment, not only will you activate negative emotions within them but you will also create the same within you. In other words, You will be met by more resistance.

Plus, we live in an inclusive Universe. Your focused attention to your wanted and even unwanted things will be included in your vibration and you will create your life experience accordingly based on your dominant vibration. There is no such thing as an exclusion based Universe.

5. Be clear of what you want and visualize what you want and feel what you want. When you think of your desire, it's supposed to stir up joy within you. If you do not feel good, you are simply focused on the opposite of what you want. Let your emotions be your guiding force. Plus, do everything you can to keep yourself happy (not fake happy but really happy by treating yourself right) which means that you are in alignment with Source Energy which makes you very influential simply because you are aligned with total well being which means you've positioned yourself correctly to receive what you want.

You plant a seed of joy and you harvest the fruits of joy.

Again, it's not possible to plant a seed of frustration and receive the fruits of joy.

That defies the law.

If you take action from the place of "there is something wrong with you and I have to correct you." you'll simply be met by the experience that makes you feel "there is something wrong with YOU."

I have two teenage daughters and they certainly have their own powerful guidance system.

I must say that they are my best teachers in my life that have been training and helping me to fine-tune my thinking and energy so that I can constantly experience joy on a daily basis regardless of what is going on around me.

A contrasting experience is not a curse, but it's truly a gift that will enable you to see your hidden resistance that you didn't even know you had.

Your resistance is simply a collection of old unwanted stories that have been playing over and over in your mind without getting noticed.

At the time of your having a contrasting experience, yes, you will feel discomfort.

And yes, you may find it difficult to accept it as a gift.

But out of the contrast always comes clarity.

With clarity comes understanding.

With much understanding, you can begin to shift your story to serve you and others and bring yourself back into alignment with Source.

With the shift, you unleash joy that is your true nature.

Difficult people in your life are there to reflect back to you the resistance that you didn't even know you had within you.

With their help you learn to shed resisting energies one by one which will help you to get closer and closer to manifesting all that you desire.

We live in a Universe that is based on the law of attraction.

Know that you are the creator of your own reality.

Know that you are powerful.

Know this to be true.

With love,



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