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The Law of Attraction - Courage to Ask for What You Want

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How many of us consciously or unconsciously sabotage our capacity to create?

I still remember clearly, prior to purchasing my new home here in east Honolulu about 16 years ago, that I used to walk around an old neighborhood that I lived in doing my "sacred ritual" which was to look at old neighborhood houses.

At the time those old houses looked absolutely charming and beautiful to me and I kept imagining myself one day owing a house just like one of those old houses.

Why was I imaging myself owning one of those small old houses?

At the time I was living in a very small one bedroom apartment and pregnant with my first daughter with very limited money.

I had no money to buy a new or even an old house.

The rental apartment building was located facing a very busy street, so, with noise and dust it could have easily be considered as a not so ideal location to raise a baby.

And that’s exactly what my parents felt when they visited me here in Hawaii from Japan.

I grew up in a country side in Japan so our house is fairly large and it has a huge front yard attached to it. Our front yard is so big that we used to play baseball games in our front yard with our friends when we were small.

So when my parents visited me from Japan, and as soon as my mom saw my apartment, she started crying as the living space was very limited and unpleasing to the eye...and my mom feared that the location wasn’t safe for her future granddaughter.

Plus, my mom was already disgusted with my beat-up 20 plus years old Ford vehicle (of course, with no AC) which used to stop moving in the middle of a street without any notice!

I admit that the apartment might not have been an ideal location to raise a child, but it was certainly conveniently located– close to my uni, right next to a supermarket, and lots of small restaurants nearby.

So it fulfilled some purpose but I agreed with my mom that it wasn’t the best location to raise children.

So I got busy with a law of attraction mental exercise, but mind you I had no idea about the law of attraction at the time.

Every single day, I walked around the neighborhood visualizing myself owning one of those old houses.

Walking, visualizing, and data gathering (collecting in my mind the things that brought me joy like having two cats) actually turned into my sacred ritual as I so loved and enjoyed experiencing great feelings that came from living in my imaginary mental house.

I was hooked on visualizing my future house.

After months of visualizing, my life continued as usual and I gave birth and I was still living in the same old apartment, going up and down the elevator with my baby in my baby bjorn checking to see if the coin operated washing machines placed on the ground floor had finally become available (all the tenants in two 8 story buildings had to share 3 washing machines!).

Was I discouraged?

Not at all.

I had a beautiful mental world into which I could escape.

I continued my walking ritual with my little baby in her stroller every day still imagining having a house that is perfect for her and having two cats!

It really was fun imaging and visualizing.

I can still remember the good feelings I felt even now.

One day, when my daughter was about 6 months old, I got lost while I was driving my car and found myself driving around the neighborhood that I had never been to.

As I was driving around this unfamiliar neighborhood, I saw a home sale sign.

The sign was quite magnetic and pulled me into its direction.

I had seen many home sale signs in the past but I never once felt this unexplainable strong pulling sensation the way I did with the sign.

It pulled me in.

There was a sales office and I could also see brand new houses and more houses were getting built there.

They were in the middle of a construction project of brand new homes and some of the houses there were made available for sale.

Without any money, I went into the sales office.

I was just curious.

I got excited.

The realtor who worked at the office told me that the houses were selling out really fast, including the ones that weren't even built yet and that if I wanted to purchase one, she suggested that I put down $350 deposit that day.

The realtor showed me all the available house options and I found that most of the houses had already been taken but I managed to find the one that I liked.

My wild mind started thinking, “I have a check in my purse. I can actually put down a deposit for the house even though I don't have money to buy a house yet.”

What did my wild but faithful mind decide to do?

I paid the deposit with a check without knowing where the rest of the money could possibly come from to purchase a brand new home.

I didn't even have any money to pay down payment lol

As soon as I received a receipt for the deposit payment from the realtor, a grandma (my first future neighbor) walked into the office wanting to buy the house that I put down a deposit on.

And a long story short, I got the house and now I own the house and it was so much more than what I asked for... and the money to purchase the house came from totally unexpected places!

Great thing about this whole experience was that instead of getting an old house, we actually got a brand new house in a beautiful quiet neighborhood, which is located near a golf course, a botanical garden, less than 5 minutes drive to a beach and of course, we adopted two cats!

So what did I learn?

  1. Universe always gives you more than what you ask for.

  2. You do not have to know the HOWs and the Hows are Universe’s job - your job is to know what you want and feel good thinking about what you want.

  3. Your positive expectation and trust in the process will eventually pay off.

  4. Create joy within you and you will receive joy.

  5. Do not underestimate the power of the Universe.

One thing that I really want to stress here is #5 Do not underestimate the power of the Universe.

Sometimes when we ask for what we want our desire is based on our current situation. Instead of asking something we really want, we tend to ask for what we think we can get.

Many of us are guilty of limiting our creative abilities either consciously or subconsciously.

Some of us are still trapped in the mindset that:

  • “I am not worthy enough to receive what I want.”

  • “I am too greedy and not spiritual to even want something.”

  • “I am simply fooling myself into believing that the Universe will deliver what I want.”

I want you to know that you are absolutely worthy of receiving all that you desire.

If you feel that you are greedy and not spiritual for wanting what you desire, you’ve somehow adopted a belief that is not in alignment with Source Energy, the energy of well being and abundance.

It’s best that you let go of the belief that hinders your well being and well being is the natural you.

There is nothing wrong about wanting and getting what you want.

The problem can arise if one were to use what they received to abuse something or someone.

So ask for what you want from the place of joy.

Just think about all the amazing benefits that what you desire can bring into your life and the lives of those connected to you.

As I write this, I’m thinking now… what if I could have allowed myself to imagine getting a huge brand new house instead of imagining myself getting a small old house?

What and how would the Universe have yielded to the expanded version of my desire? Lol

Prior to owning a brand new house, I wasn’t certain about the capacity of the Universe fully so I limited my imagination; hence, I underestimated the capacity of my co-creative power with the Universe.

I asked from a place of limitation…meaning that because I didn’t have any money, my thinking was that I could not possible get a brand new house and that I could not possible ask for and imagine myself getting a brand new house.

So in my imagination I settled for getting an old house.

But the generous Universe got me a brand new house which was beyond my imagination.

I actually got to see our house getting built.

So I want to tell you this…

Do not limit the power of your imagination.

Do not limit the power of the Universe.

It can bring you what you truly desire.

Apart from brining me and my family a new house, the Universe has already proven to me through numerous, beautiful manifestation experiences that it is powerful and it truly has our back.

Be sure not to let your current situation limit your desire and imagination.

Be courageous and dare to dream big simply because you can and you deserve living the life of joy!




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