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Got Chased By A Monkey!

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I visited Mt. Takasaki Nature Reserve in Japan with my family to see wild monkeys.

There were many monkeys eating, running and playing.

We spotted quite a few baby monkeys there.

They were extremely adorable and I wanted to touch them so badly.

But, we were told to follow their 5 basic rules so that we could stay safe there.

Rule #1: Don’t touch the monkeys.

Rule #2: Don’t look them in the eye.

Rule #3: Don't get too close to them and don’t make loud noise.

Rule #4: Don’t make fun of them.

Rule #5: Don’t feed them.

What would happen if you were to break one of the rules?

My monkey mind got really wild and excited! Lol

But, I didn’t want to chance it…

Well, one of my nephews did.

He intently looked in the eye of one of the monkeys there.

The outcome?

He got chased by a monkey and got a minor scratch!

He told me that his experience there was a terrifying one.

What about the rest of us?

We had an amazing time there!

What happens when you do not follow the rules of your soul?

Basic rules of your soul:

Rule #1: Create

Rule #2: Unleash your creativity

Rule #3: Don’t hold back

Rule #4: Express your stories

Rule #5: Make a difference

If you ignore one of the basic rules of your soul, you’ll continuously be chased and haunted by your inner desire to feel fulfilled.

You know that story….

The one in your heart that you've always wanted to express?

You don’t have to hold your story back …

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You’ve probably thought that it would be too hard, or take too long?!

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