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Ghosts Defined

There are a countless number of people who are terrified by even a thought of ghosts. Some people say they visited haunted houses and saw ghosts walking up and down the stairs. Others testify they saw ghosts pacing back and forth across a particular room in their home, hearing screams and loud footsteps when there was nobody in the room. So do ghosts really exist and if they do what are they really? Are they able to haunt and do mean tricks on us? What is the difference between ghosts and spirits? Are they one and the same? There have been a good many questions been asked on ghosts. Many of those questions have been answered by so called “ghosts experts” or “ghosts hunters” and those answers have ended up strengthening many existing myths on ghost phenomena and adding more fears to the minds of many people. It’s about time to bring peace into our minds. So do ghosts exist? I’m sorry to say that they do exist. Then what are they really? Ghosts are really people’s thoughts, emotions, and voices…in other words, ENERGIES that have been trapped or recorded within a particular location in space and moment in time. Sometimes they are called ENERGY IMPRINTS and other times they are simply called MEMORIES. When someone dies tragically in a particular house, for example, that person’s intense emotional and thought energies including terror and fears can be left and trapped within that house. And that particular, powerful, recorded MEMORY/ ENERGETIC IMPRINT can be repeated over and over within the house and be felt and perceived by sensitive intuitive people. It’s almost like the house being converted into a movie screen where you can view the particular incident being played over and over. Although you can see, sense and hear the people that were involved in the incident, you cannot communicate or interact with the ghost (the memory/imprint) since it’s just a leftover energy of the past being projected onto the screen (in this case, the screen is the house.). This leads to the next question. Are the ghost able to haunt and do mean tricks on us? No, they are not because they are just memories of the past trapped within a particular location in space and moment in time. When we watch a scary movie, we can experience many negative emotions within ourselves. In a similar way, when we observe a ghost, energy imprint, we can also experience many negative emotions within ourselves. What usually happens is that when people experience an energy imprint, they add their own intense fears to it which helps strengthen the power and longevity of the energy imprint. But, we know that the movie cannot take over and control us, nor can any energy imprint/ghost. What is the difference between ghosts and spirits? Now you know what ghosts really mean. So then what are spirits? Spirits are living consciousness including your deceased loved ones in the spirit world and mediums are able to interact and communicate with them. Those communicating spirits are loving spirits and every interaction and communication are made possible ONLY through the power of their love toward the people here on earth and the power of your love toward your deceased loved ones in the spirit world. It’s your love and their love that help create a communication bridge where LOVE can travel freely and easily. So there is absolutely no need to be afraid of ghosts:-)



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