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Lesson 9: Reiki for Mothers and Children  


One of the most rewarding benefits of Reiki is to be attuned to it as an expecting mother. Life is quite literally forming and growing inside you, a new resource of Reiki, and your energy becomes two-fold. You may be preparing for the arrival of this child on your own, or with a significant other, or your family members. The excitement surrounding a child coming into the world increases the amount of positive energy around you, and Reiki will be ready to work full force to fill you with good health and a happy sense of spirit.


The negative, or unpleasant, side effects of pregnancy have been talked about for ages, but tuning into your natural energy channels make pregnancy much more enjoyable, and may even eliminate the negative side effects altogether. Reiki is safe for any mother and her unborn child, and is a great benefit to both. You are creating a new life force, after all. As you restore your balance, the benefits not only reach you, but also extend to the child you are about to bring into the world.


During Pregnancy


Morning sickness, irritability, muscle aches and pains, as well as sleep discomfort are all associated with pregnancy. Reiki tackles these symptoms with ease by soothing the entire body, as well as the body growing inside you. Reiki will not only help you, but it will also improve the health of the baby. Use the hand positions to heal muscle aches where you feel the pain, to relax your mood and focus your energy on supporting the life of your child, and feel an overall sense of calm that will bring you peace.


One of the most valuable and beautiful practices of Reiki during pregnancy is for the mother to place her hands over her stomach, as if using the hands to heal. This channels her undying love and devotion to the child, and in turn, the bond between the two intensifies exponentially. Mothers who use Reiki while pregnancy greatly strengthen the bond they establish with their child, well before it is actually born. This also provides support for the fetus’s life force and energy resources, making it a more vital human being upon birth.


Reiki can additionally be used during conception. For couples that have tried to conceive and have not found success, stress can destroy their inner energy power. Using Reiki to stimulate the energy force in the reproductive systems, using healing hand positions during the period of time trying to conceive, can result in a pregnancy. This is because Reiki healing reduces the stress and frustration associated with not being able to have a child, which opens up the energy channels, allowing the life force within us to flow through the body and send the necessary resources to the places that need it.


After Birth


Here’s something amazing about using Reiki during your pregnancy: not only does it make the process leading up to birth more fulfilling and easy, but it also makes recovery much faster. Even in the case of a C-section or needing stitches for a natural birth. This quicker recovery will also help heal the baby’s umbilical cord, as well as preemptively heal colic (which many babies have been known to get). Establishing a strong balance in the child is what encourages this, with the channeling Reiki energy into the milk you might pass onto your child through breastfeeding, or into the formula you will feed your child as an alternative.


Your Child and Reiki


Once you have successfully gone through your pregnancy and the birth of your child, Reiki can be a crucial part of your child’s life throughout time. As long as you incorporate it into their lives as much as you use it in your own, you will secure a strong foundation for spiritual attunement and vitality that they can benefit from their entire lives.


Just as Reiki has the ability to heal you, so it has the ability to heal your child. If you are consulting this manual to learn how to treat yourself using Reiki, you can use the skills and information you’ve gathered to pass it on to your child, healing them just as well. In addition, each time you touch or kiss your child, you strengthen the flow of healing energy from your body to theirs, and over time this will strengthen their own energy resource. They too will be able to heal on their own, whether it is with physical aches and pains or emotional hurts.


A great way to raise your child in a home that invokes Reiki is to introduce them to the Five Principles early on. Use them to encourage your child to stay grounded, to self-regulate their emotional state, and to find their own success. This life force benefits all areas of life, and heals the spirit. Growing up with such a mentality makes strong toddlers and adolescence, and even stronger adults. You may even attune your child to Reiki as many get attuned in their first-degree initiation, a sensible and beneficial way to introduce your child to the healing powers of Reiki.


You must also remember to always encourage your child to listen to their intuition, as much as you should always rely on your own. Try to instill these principles into your child if you feel it is the best way to bring them up, but also take into account their own questions and feelings. Using Reiki to heal your child as they grow up will show them the sanctity and the efficiency of using Reiki, and they may adopt it as an important component of their own life. Just remember, short of you forcing it onto them, they must accept the healing art on their own. The best you can do is to introduce the methods and teach them, and try to attune their spirit to awaken the life force within them. Other than this, Reiki must always be a healing, beneficial factor, never something to be forced into or associated with negative feelings.


Additionally, it is important to seek professional help in the case of emergency situations or illnesses. You can still incorporate Reiki into your life and it is still a viable method of healing, however, sometimes in extreme cases Reiki healing works best with the aid of more complex physical and medical support.

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