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Lesson 8: Rapid Reiki  



There is an alternative way to employ Reiki as a healing method, and it is done to cut time off of the overall process. A typical treatment in a formal office setting could take anywhere from an hour to 90 minutes, depending on how long each hand position is held over each part of the body. Instead of using all this time for clients who may have a limited time frame, or if you are away from your office or home for any reason and wish to heal, you can use something called Rapid Reiki. This is a shorter version of the full treatment, as it contains fewer positions, but it has the ability to work just as well.


You will still be able to focus on each chakra of the client, but you will be able to do this while the individual you are working on sits upright in a chair at a 90-degree angle. Let’s go over the positions you will want to move through when you are performing Rapid Reiki. There are nine positions all together:


Hand Position 1: Standing behind your client, place both hands on either shoulder. Make a quick invocation for the powers of Reiki to help you.


Hand Position 2: Place both hands on top of the head of your client, covering the Crown Chakra.


Hand Position 3: Moving over to one side of your seated client, place one hand over the Third Eye Chakra on the forehead, and the other on the opposite side of their head. Act as if you are cupping their head in your hands, cradling the brain.


Hand Position 4: Still at the same side, hold a hand over the Throat Chakra of the front of your clients neck, and then one on the opposite side of the neck, parallel to your front hand.


Hand Position 5: Place one hand over the Heart Chakra on the front of the chest, and the other on their back, centered between the shoulder blades.


Hand Position 6: Place one hand on the Solar Plexus Chakra, and the other on the other on the spine in a place parallel to the front hand.


Hand Position 7: One hand should go at the base of your client’s stomach, at the Sacral/Splenic Chakra, and the other should go at the base of the spine.


Hand Position 8: Now you will change position so that you are in front of your seated client, facing them. This position requires you to place each hand on either of the individual’s knee.


Hand Position 9: For the final position, you will kneel down and place your palms over each of the client’s foot. Make sure the position is as if you are cupping feet to the floor, and keep the outer edge of hands at the thumb open.


When you are finished it may make more sense to comb the aura of your client this time around, as it will make up for the lost time a full-body treatment would have required. To do this, flow your fingers from head to toe and then back upward on your client’s body, and repeat three times (or as many times as you feel are necessary for that treatment). This will cleanse the energy and help ground the person receiving the treatment. You may also opt to wash your hands off with cold running water.


Some clients will need a bit of refreshment when they are finished with this treatment, so it is courteous to offer a glass of water. Stay away from offering snacks or sugary drinks, for it does not quite have the same cleansing effect that pure water has.

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