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Reiki Hawaii

Free Online Reiki Training - First Degree Reiki and Self Healing


Lesson 1: What is Reiki? 


Reiki is our innate energy for life. The existence and acknowledgement of this energy has spiritual roots in many ancient religions, reigning in places like China, Japan, India, Europe, and the Western world. This is because the concept of a universal energy comes under the assumption that there is a Higher Power, a being Divine in nature, which gives this energy to all habiting life forms on Earth. Most formal religions, though differing in the definition and origin of a Divine being responsible for our creation, can agree that the energy that comes from our creator dwells in all of us and gives us the capacity for enlightenment.


Though many may write such a force off as a fictional component of our beings, this energy is actually physically, scientifically visible. Studies and photography experiments conducted in the name of science have been able to capture photographic evidence of a radiating force of energy that surrounds all living things. Whether you rely more on the spiritual or the scientific is up to you. There is an undeniable energy that gives us life in either case, and this is what Reiki embodies: our vitality.


Vitality, our will and enthusiasm for life, is often overlooked, not appreciated for the important component of our lives that it is. Why is this? We need this Divine energy to harness our will power, and be able to reach our full potential, using all our resources, to get the most out of life. Our modern day world has fooled us into believing our meaningful experiences will come from technology and material things, and many have unfortunately come to trust in these objects, rather than to trust in ourselves. But Reiki still flows within us, we just have to tap into it. By doing this, we are unlimited in how we live.


Reiki is certainly still relevant today. So what can we do with it?



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