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Lesson 11: The Comforting Powers of Reiki  



How we view life is primarily formed around our personal beliefs, and our faith in a God or higher power. The reason this is so is because these predominantly religious figures have promised that there is a place for our souls to dwell after this life is finished. The way we view life, as a one-time experience before a black era of oblivion or a stop we make before going into the afterlife, will greatly determine our thoughts and feelings about our time we have on Earth. Some people feel life must be lived to the fullest, and we must do all we can and experience whatever we can in order to make life fulfilling, because after this life is over, we do not experience anything further. Others are of the belief that we must live this life thoughtfully and carefully, and in doing so we earn our place in the after life, which is where we proceed to exist when our physical life on Earth is over.


The level of comfort we feel with the concept of death is also typically dependent on what these beliefs are for us. With a great level of comfort, death can be mostly seamless and tolerable. With little comfort, the concept of death and dying can create a great amount of stress and anxiety.


Trusting In a Higher Power


In either case, when we experience the death of someone we know or deeply care about, it is always difficult, regardless of what we believe. For those who are mourning such a deep loss and are grieving, comfort is one of the most essential parts towards softening the blow and healing positively. In the Western world, this can be difficult; death is seen as something no one should talk about. By following this line of thinking, we cannot truly heal, as we have not released the energy of our feelings when we bottle up out emotions.


However, the Eastern religions that are close in proximity to the origins of Reiki take on a different view. Death is natural, and not a taboo subject to discuss or acknowledge at all. This stems from their belief that death may not be quite as sad as others make it to be, because there is an afterlife to look forward to; one where they will all meet again someday. If you do not believe that this life is the last stop your soul will make, it serves as a comfort that there will be more to come, and that your soul will not be lost.


That’s why it is very important, for Reiki healing, to adopt this view into your life, and to encourage (though not force) family and friends to do the same. The goal is not to force a religion or set of beliefs onto individuals, but with such an abundance of evidence of near-death experiences, and accounts of people having officially “experienced death” and gone into the spiritual world where we will go when we die, it is impossible to deny an afterlife’s existence. Many authors, philosophers, and even everyday people have told their stories about experiencing God’s light and being welcomed into heaven when they had died, talking to souls that have already passed on and even to Christ himself, only to be sucked back into their lives on Earth. This is called a near-death experience, and many of those who have made claims of having one have created a 9-step list for what constitutes such an experience.


For a guideline like this to be created, there had to have been enough credible accounts of such an occurrence to create a measurement for its results, and the frequency of its occurrence.


If this is entirely new to you, don’t feel stress about the concept of accepting the existence of an afterlife. To do your part, if you do not feel comfortable talking about these ideas to others yet, is to conduct your own independent studies and do some research of your own. Make sure you learn as much as you can about different religions, including the one you practice, and to be as closely connected to the energy that comes from the Divine as possible. In this manner, you will attract its guidance into your life, and your intuition will be stronger. This will also give you the tools you will need to broach the subject with your family and friends, and to encouragingly talk about your findings with them so that a productive conversation can be created.


The ultimate goal of this chapter is to teach you how to use Reiki as a tool of comfort to those who fear death, do not believe in the spiritual world, or who are in the process of passing and need guidance and support to do so peacefully.


Reiki Comfort for The Dying


Remember that we are connected to the universal life force through Reiki. This universal life force is also one that flows through the spiritual world of the afterlife, and whose unconditional, immeasurable love that those who have had a near-death experience have talked about. When you are seeking to work with someone who is terminally ill, or who is aware that they are approaching the end of this life, what Reiki healing does is connect them to the love, power, and bright energy of God. You will come to see that when you channel energy through these clients, feeling a connection to God will give them a renewed vitality, as a way for them to tie any loose ends in life so that they may pass with peace of mind.


Sorting out the affairs of those who are about to pass can be a very difficult process, as some people vary in what they must deal with. While many will want to complete wills, get possessions and heirlooms in order, and deal with finances, others will have a different host of affairs. There may be broken family ties, relationships with bad blood, and lost connections that these individuals needs to deal with or reconnect to. This is a process that can be very emotionally demanding and very stressful. Reiki should be used to give the individual the strength to face the emotional burdens and fix broken relationships while they still have the time to make peace with them.


What you can do for these individuals is teach them a little bit about the concept of Reiki, and how forgiveness can heal both parties. Try to make them see that letting go of pain and anger, especially at this stage of life, will make them feel freer to move on. If you are close enough with a friend or family going through this, encourage the other family members to work things out with them as well.


For those who are in good standing in terms of relationships, or those who simply feel guilt for leaving their family members behind and not being able to take care of them anymore, family support will be needed. One of the best things you can tell a family member is that while you are sad that they will be leaving you, and you will miss them, they helped give you what you will need to survive without them once they are gone. This will bring them a sense of relief, and can make all the difference toward creating peace that they will be moving on to the afterlife.


Peace and Harmony


Reiki, as you have read in the previous chapters, builds a strong connection to the energy that gives us life. It flows within us regardless of how connected we are to it, but the connection we form with it will give us what we need to use it to its full potential. Feeling alive and aware of all the powers within is are what help us live up to our potential, use our capabilities, and get the fullest experience out of our short period of time in the world. Reiki is also the connection we have to the afterlife – after all, Reiki is an energy that is given to us by God from birth; we automatically have forged a connection to His kingdom in the spiritual world. We are always connected. That’s why using Reiki for those who are dying is such a comfort; you are helping them feel the energy that gives them life, and feel it carry them over to the other side. Reiki forges the path from this life to the next, and will help create that journey for the dying, bringing peace and harmony to their passing.


And isn’t this the utmost goal of Reiki? Isn’t it what we all seek to restore the balance and instill a sense of peace and harmony? There is no better way to let the journey come full circle in life and peace than to experience a full life with that level of calm happiness, and carry it through to the end.


The family members and friends of the loved one who has passed may have a difficult time healing from the loss. This is a wonderful time to use Reiki to begin to heal the family and to bring them closer to the energy that was left behind by the deceased. It may take some time, but eventually all will come to terms with the passing. The key is to be there to renew their spirit and their mind as they grapple with the death, and begin to go back to their normal lives. As long as the energy stays flowing and they are able to allow themselves to heal, Reiki will do its job and bring a rejuvenated sense of peace to those who have been grieving.

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