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Free Online Reiki Training - First Degree Reiki and Self Healing


Lesson 12: In Closing - Ending the First Level of Reiki Training  



Congratulations! You have finished the Reiki 1 Training, and after having explored and completed the included exercises and procedures, you have finished the first degree of training. Remember that this guide is an introduction to Reiki, so that you may be exposed to the methods and procedures that allow the energy to reawaken within you and be used for healing. You are ready to move on and further your discoveries with the second degree, and after that, may consider moving on to the third and final level of training.


Reiki’s universal energy flows through all living things, so Reiki is not just useful on other people. You can harness the power of this energy to heal, rejuvenate and replenish that living things around you. If you have pets, you can use similar Reiki methods of healing on them! A small animal can be held cupped in your hands, while other pets can be healed with correlating human hand positions starting with your animal’s ears. Reiki additionally flows through plants, flowers, and vegetables. Use your healing training to encourage life to flow through your garden, and the beautiful scenery you may have growing in your yard.


Feel free to get creative with this energy; anything that is living can benefit from your knowledge, and is automatically affected by the life forces around it. You may be the key to filling the atmosphere with positive energy, cleansing out the negative, for life to flourish.


The function of the first degree is to establish a connection to Reiki as the universal life force that is given to us through our births. It is something we all possess, but only those who are ready to use it with though and purpose will find their guide and teacher. If you are here, you have found that guide, and from here you can only do good with this early wisdom. Even if, in the beginning, you simply want to use your new skills to calm and balance yourself in a hectic world, that will be the best course for you. Some people like to master one level before moving on to the next, and others may try all the different approaches until they have a good, firm foundation from which they can build. The way that feels right and best through your intuition should be the course of action you take. Give yourself the time to practice, learn, and conduct any independent research you desire. You can only learn more, and it is up to you to act the way you feel is most beneficial to you and those around you!


As you consider all that you have learned, think about how you can share this information with others. If that is by sharing this guide with them or by performing a Rapid Reiki treatment for them, that is up to you. Remember, knowledge is power. Now, you have the ability to channel Reiki through your spirit and use it to encourage others’ spirits to flow and heal. Remember that you are strong, capable and smart, and you will go to the second degree with a pure heart and the confidence to succeed.


I wish you the best of luck on your journey, and may you always enjoy a restored balance in your life by employing the powers of Reiki to heal your soul.

Yoshie M. Chihara

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