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Reiki is the human’s natural possession of life energy, and the possession of the ability to self-sustain that life. It is an ancient method of healing and self-preservation. In other words, Reiki is a gift we were all given at birth, simply by being born as human, and this gift is all we’ll ever need in order to keep ourselves going strong and purposefully, allowing us to thrive as we get through the journey that is life.


Reiki may have previously been an unfamiliar term to you. It’s not one you hear in day-to-day conversation, nor is it part of the mainstream pool of knowledge we learn from every day. For some of you, it could be something you know quite a bit about. In either case, that’s because Reiki is something that must be sought out – those who learn about it or know about it have gone searching for an answer. And the answer is here. If you’ve come to this site to learn about the powers of Reiki, you’ve come to the right place.


With this introduction, we will explore the basic nature of this somewhat mysterious term, and then go on into a more in-depth explanation of its powerful significance.


Keeping the concept of Reiki in mind, it is additionally believed to also encompass an internal, all-knowing power that comes from within. We have a greater knowledge than we think of what makes us, and others, work. Deep within ourselves, we hold the secrets to being able to heal, to keeping ourselves healthy, and we intuitively know what needs to be done in order to meet our needs as high-functioning, active, spiritually connected human beings.


In today’s world, this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

But that is not because our birthright no longer exists, or because Reiki is a simple, ancient myth that no longer holds importance. Reiki is very much still a quality that all humans possess. Rather, it is the current culture wave in our society that has encouraged us to let go of our natural intuition, our desire for life, and our ability to know how to take care of our inner needs.


Why is this so? Because society, the media, different cultural norms, and the template for a healthy, successful life have all changed dramatically over the last few decades. Humanity has shifted its focus, and different things are made more or less desirable than they once were. Times and people always change, but it seems the gap between the consciousness of our own resources and our knowledge of outside expectations has been widening far more than usual.


A big part of the reason for this major culture shift is the new developments in technology, which have never before been so present in our society. Instead of using our bodies, and our natural gifts, or depending on face-to-face interaction and taking the time to take in our surroundings, we may turn away from our spiritual needs in order to “keep up” with the way the world is run today. We hire machines to do our work for us, we go for processed and patented materials to make us feel healthy and alive, and we would rather listen to what our computer screens tell us than trust a conversation with a friend or professional. In essence, we have learned now to rely on technology, rather than to rely ourselves.


It seems that because of the “conveniences” that come with technology, humans have forgotten their gift…


Luckily, it seems that not all humans have forgotten. If you find yourself reading this, you have not discarded the concept of healing through Reiki, though you may not have fully grasped that Reiki was the method you would use. And perhaps now you will seek to re-incorporate the ancient healing techniques into your life. By seeking out the powers of Reiki, you have discovered a path toward bridging the technology gap our society has been left with. These concepts and methods are the means to restore the balance that was once bestowed upon every human being.


Reiki can be very intensive. This means that though the foundation is simple and universal, there are many ways to use Reiki and its powers to your benefit and for the benefit of others. That’s why today we have Reiki masters and healers – they have perfected the art and have an uncanny ability to listen to their intuition, which has been unlocked by years of practice. Reiki is for you, your family, friends, and perhaps in the future, those who want to be healed by such methods. This lifestyle and energy force can also be passed down to your children, becoming a part of their existence for their entire lives. Reiki has been passed down from generations, and will continue to be passed down for generations to come.


So without further delay, read on, and let this in-depth Reiki training open your mind toward reclaiming the natural, internal powers given to you from your birth!


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