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Weekly Inspiration: Get "Unstuck"

You are never ‘stuck’ where you’re at now, unless you believe that you are.

Angels remind us that we have the power to get ourselves unstuck by not allowing our past dictate future actions. With the ‘right attitude’ we can move forward knowing that we have the power within us to craft our future life experiences in a way that is fulfilling to our soul.

The ‘right attitude’ includes honoring your inner most desires. Remember, we become who we say we are. So we must choose our words and stories carefully and wisely while holding this attitude.

Holding nurturing and nourishing beliefs and discourse about yourself and your life which are in alignment with the grace of God will bring more grace into your life.

Angels also encourage us not to waste our precious time and energy attached to the old negative stories and past experiences that are toxic and harmful to our souls. But instead begin a ‘mental detox’ today by examining and reflecting upon your personal stories that may be fooling you into believing that you are stuck. We then should replace them with the stories that bring joy into our life.

Affirmation: I am free. I am in alignment with the grace of God.


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