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Weekly Inspiration: Faith

Faith is a quality that can truly transform your spiritual life. It’s a requisite ingredient to stay true to and realize your sacred vision.

Faith is not about blindly believing in things, people, or giving away your power to some outside source.

Faith is about listening to that inner voice that’s continually encouraging you to believe in your power, keep going, and to never give up.

Faith is that inner knowingness that gives you confidence that you are supported, loved, and protected.

Life is much about cultivating and perfecting the relationship with yourself and the Infinite.

The more you put your faith in the Infinite, the easier your life becomes.

Angels remind you to tap into your common sense and discerning powers. They encourage you to take the time to listen to the wisdom at your core, and to blend with the Infinite within.

Affirmation: I have absolute faith in the power of the Infinite.

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