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The Great Harmonia

Men will be better when better loved, taught, and directed; to improve the world, love it, not condemn nor despise any person or thing. God made it—made everything –and gave every little atom, as well as every diamond-like orb that sparkles on the bosom of the firmament, a holy message to deliver, which it is good to receive, to learn, and to proclaim to all men. Let us strive to entertain more expansive views of God, of Man, of ourselves, and we will march forth from the wilderness of doctrine, and the concealments of iniquity, as Men, full-grown men, prepared for sublime ends and destinies. The destiny of all men is Immortality, Happiness, and Progression. Their mission will be shown them as they are prepared to receive and comprehend it. It is our duty to search it out, and change every circumstance that tends to prevent its prompt fulfillment. Surely, each bird has its song to sing; each flower its gentle mission; each poet his lesson of the good and beautiful; each philosopher his contribution of discoveries, and every true preacher his sublime instructions. Each is the Messiah of some great Thought, and will breathe it forth ere he leaves the form. Let us, O let us, unfold the beauties of the spirit, study its immense possessions, and improve ourselves; and then we will know, and feel, and form just conceptions of our mission and our destiny. Both are decreed by God, and are the glorious end for which we were made. The human mind must familiarize itself with the immutable principles of justice and order, which pervade the harmonious and interminable Universe. It must unfold its internal capabilities—its spiritual perceptions and intuitions; and thus, feeling impressed and empowered to interrogate and investigate the boundless empire of mind and matter,; it will explore the innumerable relations which subsist between man and man—between the natural world and the Spiritual world—between the wide-spread universe and the Super-Celestial PRINCIPLE that enlivens and sanctifies the incomprehensible WHOLE. Each human soul must attain to a full comprehension of the many and beautiful affinities which inter-link its destiny and experiences with the destiny and experiences of universal humanity. It is good to know that there is an omnipotent, purifying, and fraternizing Principle permeating and pervading the Natural, Spiritual, and Celestial departments of God’s Universal Temple—a Principle, which Unites atoms and places into one stupendous System; which unfolds Spirits and Angels as immortal flowers; which Endows the Divine Mind with eternal Power and Loveliness; and which is the divinely-inherited Treasure of the human Soul—and this Principle is called The Great Harmonia!---an excerpt from The Great Harmonia by Andrew Jackson Davis

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