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Spirit and Soul

So many of us use the words, soul and spirit interchangeably and I feel that it’s ok so long as we know what each of them mean in our own way. However, for those of you who are spiritualists, like myself, you may be interested to know the definitions of Spirit and Soul accepted by Spiritualism. Spiritualism adapted the definitions given by Andrews Jackson Davis, the great American seer and founder of the Harmonial Philosophy, has been called the John the Baptist or prophet of Spiritualism. He was the direct forerunner of Spiritualism and may, in a sense, be regarded as its father and founder. He defines the soul or spiritual body as follows: The term soul is used to express that fine, impalpable, almost immaterial body which clothes the spirit from the moment of death to all eternity. The soul [or spiritual body] in this life is composed of all the magnetisms, electricities, forces, and vital principles which –in more general terms—are called life, motion, sensation, and instinct. The term spirit is used to signify the centermost principle of man’s existence, the divine energy or life of the soul of Nature. In yet other language, soul is the life of the outer body and the spirit is the life of the soul. After physical death, the soul or life of the material body becomes the form or body of the eternal spirit. Hope this helps:-)


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