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Life's Blessing

Through the lens of sadness and despair the world looks cold and dark. The smell of a brush fire nearby.

What once was a field filled with tall grass is now smoldering lifelessness. Where is hope?

Where is the vitality of life?

Where is the joy of living? Time passes. The field is covered in small sprouts rising out of a blackened void. Hope! Life! New lives being born. New beauty. Realization of life force’s power. Then heard the voice of Spirit: You plant seeds awaiting growth and blossoms’ beauty.

You were planted on earth to grow and blossom to enjoy life’s beauty, not to live in sadness and despair. When old dies, new sprouts forth.

The cycle of life continues. Leave behind heartaches and pains.

Leave behind desperate tales that paint minds into darkness. Welcome new beginnings. Trust the life force within and rejoice in eternal life’s enfoldment. You are meant to grow and blossom.

The power of eternal life force and Spirit within and without propels us. All dreams are placed along your path.

Just focus and trust. Know the power that lies within and you will discover the joy of living. All is well. Enjoy the journey.

-Yoshie Miakoda

Hawaii Psychic Medium

Spiritual Solutions Hawaii


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