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Angel Blessings

Welcome to the Spirit Inspired Life's Healing Room. Each week, I'll be adding relaxing music and meditation to support your spiritual needs. I hope you enjoy the music and meditation. In the coming weeks, I'll add guided mediation so that you can completely let go and let the vibration of music transform your energy.

Week 2 Meditation: Angel Blessings

1. Make yourself comfortable and sit back and relax.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Breathe deeply from your diaphragm.

4. Visualize and imagine, or sense that your angels are standing behind you. They gently put their hands on your shoulder and the top of your head.

5. Feel a peaceful, intense loving sensation spread throughout your body. Know that your angels are sending you love and light.

6. Feel their love and light being carried by the gentle vibration of the music, Angel Blessings...and spreading the whole of your body...allow it to move into every cell of your body... removing any doubts and unwanted energy that hinder your growth and experiencing the power of your spirit.

7. Know that you are so blessed and loved. You are always guided by the thousands of angels. Life is like a river... no need to try to hold on to things tightly...simply let go...let go of control... and

8. Best way to enjoy life is to let go of control and allow the forces of Spirit to guide you through and through...

9. Allowing can be scary...letting go can be frightening... but when you trust and let the energy of Spirit guide your path, you realize your life becomes so much more meaningful... so much more rewarding...

10. Simply let the energy of music move into every cell of your body...

11. Enjoy the healing and cleansing effect.

Thank you. Enjoy a peaceful healing and relaxation.

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Warmest aloha,



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