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3 Things You Must Give Up To Be Happier

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Simply there are 3 main things, which if you are willing to let them go, can bring much joy and happiness in your life.

Many of us are willing to hold on to the very things that we know can cause frustration and stress for ourselves and others.

Starting today you can give up the things that no loner serve you and start living a much more joyful, freer, and happier life.

So here is the list:

1. Letting Go of Being Mr./Mrs. Always Right.

Many close family ties and friendships were severed and many hearts were broken because of people’s desire to always be right.

Many of us cannot stand the idea of being wrong and do everything they can to prove that they are right at the cost of losing something very precious to them.

If you have the tendency, simply ask yourself the following questions:

Is it really worth it?

What’s the cost of trying to prove that others are wrong and that you are right?

What do you actually gain from trying to always be right?

“Would I rather be right or would I rather be kind? Wayne Dyer.

2. Saying Goodbye To Your Limiting Beliefs

Whether it’s done consciously or unconsciously, many people tend to limit

their creative power through negative self talk.

“I cannot do it.”

“It’s impossible."

These are the exact words that destroy your dreams and keep you feeling frastrated and unhappy.

What makes you so sure that what you really want is “impossible” for you to achieve?

Have you given your 100% effort towards your dreams?

Don't believe everything that your mind is telling you- especially if its negative and self defeating.

Starting today, your new mantra is ‘Yes, I can!” and go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

3.Give Up Your Need For Control

Always trying to control everything and everyone in your life is a surefire way to get yourself depressed.

Have you ever succeeded in controlling your loved ones, co-workers, events, or situations without feeling stress or pain?

We cannot force a cat to fly like a bird.

We cannot force a rose to grow into a sunflower.

We cannot control others but we can only control our reaction to what happens in our life.

Give yourself the freedom to be you and allow everyone and everything to be just as they are and make a commitment to choose joy rather than stress by learning to let go of the things you cannot control or change.

Anything you cannot control in life is teaching you how to let go and helping you to let inner Spirit guide your life.


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