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You Can Heal Yourself

Aloha! Recently a question was posed to me by one of my clients. “Can I become a healer? I really want to become one? ” I simply had to say, “Yes, you can! You are, in fact, an amazing healer!” Many people think that one has to go through some kind of technical healing training sessions to become a healer. But the truth is we’re all already capable healers. We each possess the innate capacity to create total health and restore harmony within our body. In fact, we have the resources and mechanisms within us to transform our bodies and life into total equilibrium. Your body has been doing this throughout your entire life. You are a truly powerful and born healer! We cannot ignore the fact that on occasion we all feel unwell or ill. This is mainly due to engaging in unhealthy physical and mental activities and not tuning into (listening to) the warning signs we constantly receive from our body and intuition. Our bodies are continually sending us signals through discomfort and “off” feelings to let us know when something is not right. What we have to do is to recognize and acknowledge these signals and take action to positively shift the energy within us. As you may have already experienced, our state of mind plays a huge part in the healing process and its power cannot be underestimated. It’s been verifiably shown that our thoughts and emotions have a direct impact on our wellbeing - - our body, mind, and sprit. Our thoughts and emotions have a direct influence on the production of neurochemicals that can help harmonize our biochemistry to eliminate disease and heal illness. So having a healthy mindset is crucial to staying healthy. It takes some discipline and focus to train our mind to work for us and not against us. Empowerment hypnotherapy is an effective way to bring that focus into your mind. The practice of Reiki is also a wonderful focusing mechanism where one can learn to channel the universal life force more powerfully into you to promote a natural balance with body, mind, and spirit. We must recognize that all true healing comes from self-healing, and that no one but yourself can heal you. Healers, therapists, and physicians can be catalysts for your healing, but you are the one who is ultimately healing yourself. FREE Reiki I Training (Reiki – First Degree) & Attunement & Calming Music For those of you who would like to incorporate aspects of Reiki into your life, I have created Reiki I Online Training so that you can learn more about Reiki and use it to bring more peace into your life. This is my gift to you, and it’s FREE. I have also uploaded Calming Music to Spiritual Solutions’ website ( so that you can listen to relaxing ambient music while performing your Reiki self-treatment. I trust that the power of Reiki can strengthen your healing ability within and create deep, lasting positive shifts within you. I’d like to end this newsletter with the Reiki Principles: Just for today… …I will not worry. …I will not be angry. …I will do my work with honesty. …I will give thanks for my plentiful blessings. …I will be kind to both my neighbors and all living things. Warmest aloha, Yoshie

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