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Weekly Inspiration: Claim Your Power

Know that you are divine. To connect with your divine powerful self, learn to enter your quiet center and seek better understanding. The source of power is at this spiritual center within yourself and not elsewhere.

Dedicate your time and energy fully to commune with your highest self. Seek the source of any feelings of insecurity, anger, guilt, jealously, or animosity toward a person or situation.

If you continue to live unconsciously in your ego, the false self will continue to fool you into believing that you are separate from everybody else and that your feelings are just. When you recognize and become aware that all the souls that come into your life reflect your thoughts and energies, a true sense of healing begins to take place within you.

Barriers begin to crumble down and you can naturally step into your true divine power as you shift your perception from separation to oneness and take full responsibly for your life.

Affirmation: I seek understanding within and lay claim to the divine power. I am powerful because I’m one with all that is.

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