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Living Life On Your Terms

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on my life… simply because there have been major positive changes happening all around me.

I feel that sometimes we have to make some tough decisions so that we do not diminish our own self-worth, and honor and trust the parts of us that know we are one with the divine.

We all change and move forward and the things that used to work in the past no longer serve or nourish our souls.

Recognizing and embracing these shifts brings inspiration, strength, and a renewed sense of purpose to go out into the world to live out our purpose.

It takes incredible courage, trust, and a leap of faith to let go of the past and create a positive shift in our lives.

Most people do know what they truly desire in life.

I’ve been blessed to be able to work with amazing, talented people in a mediumistic, psychic, and coaching capacity. They share with me their dreams, aspirations, innermost desires, fears, doubts, challenges, etc.

Some people are truly ready to move forward and take courageous, inspired action and make a great change in their lives. All they need is a bit of push and confirmation for them to make that move and live out their heart’s desires.

Some are still in the stages of dreaming their dreams. They know their potential but are too afraid to take action.

They ask themselves self–defeating questions that lock them up in the cage of the familiar.

As stressful and painful as it can be to stay where they are, they’d rather stay in the familiar than face change. The familiar is what they already know, therefore it’s comfortable.

Yes, it’s painfully comfortable…

A change means to step into the unknown and it’s scary for many people.

When it comes to making changes, they ask the kind of questions that diminish their own self-worth and abilities, locking themselves in a vicious self-defeating cycle.

People who are ready and courageous enough to make changes are truly high performers and they ask the kind of questions that elevate their thinking and give birth to solutions.

They listen to their intuition.

They are not afraid to ask for help.

High performers take inspired, bold action. They invest their energy in trust, higher power, and solutions rather than fears, doubts, and problems.

They know that in order for them to live out their purpose, one must move beyond the familiar and face fears and learn to manage them.

If one really wants to inspire others and live out their dream, one MUST learn first to face their own fears.

How can someone help others make positive changes effectively when they are too afraid to make one themselves?

Is it possible to live our life on our terms rather than being kicked around by life’s circumstances?

Is it at all possible to lead the kind of life that we dream about?

We are all made creative.

Anyone can dream.

But very few people are willing to take inspired action toward their dreams.

Many people end up living their entire lives just dreaming their dreams.

Many people end up wasting away their entire lives waiting for that perfect moment and opportunity.

What if every moment was the perfect moment?

What if every opportunity was the perfect opportunity?

What if living your life on your terms can begin simply by taking a few inspired steps that you are afraid of taking?

What’s the use for having all these ideas and abilities if they are not used and shared with others?

Yes, it can be scary to step into the unknown.

But it’s a requirement to live your life on your terms.

Once you start taking a few courageous steps toward your dream, you become unstoppable and the Universe joins you fully and starts moving in your favor.

If you are ready to start living your life on your terms, please join me on this exclusive event in November in Ala Moana. More information can be found here.

Whatever the step you are going to take today, know that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” And make each day your perfect moment to turn your dream into your reality.

Warmest aloha,


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