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The Living Life On Your Terms™

Coaching Program  

Empowering Entrepreneurial-Minded and Highly Intuitive Women to Create A Massive Impact




Successful Entrepreneurs Are 
Highly Intuitive
What About You?

The Living Life On Your Terms™ Coaching Program is a life transformational coaching for highly intuitive, entrepreneurial-minded women. Through powerful highly focused coaching sessions you will unfold and strengthen your intuitive and mediumistic power and discover what is special and unique about you so that you can turn your entrepreneurial ideas into reality. 

Join a Certified High Performance Coach and Certified Professional Spiritual Medium, Yoshie Miakoda Chihara for this exclusive, empowering coaching where you will not only learn how to hone your intuitive power so that you can access higher guidance from within, but how also to clearly identify your business so that you can create ideal clients, unapologetically charge your worth, and propel your business to make a massive impact for others.


You'll be fully supported on transforming your old limiting stories into a powerful motivational drive so that you can become unstoppable, make the money you deserve doing what you truly love, and live the life of your dreams. 


It’s high time to acknowledge your boiling desires and create a business that enables you to fully embrace life.


There is so much more to life than just accepting the status quo in your personal and business life, even if you have already experienced a level of success.


When you truly commit to boldly and dynamically shifting your energy and learn to work with the higher power purposefully, the rest of your life will naturally follow suit.

This Commitment and Dynamic Energy Shift will Make You Highly Magnetic, Charismatic, and Inspiring to Those whom You Interact. You can’t Help but Grow Your Business.

Now it's time for you to uplevel your life and truly own the power that is within you.

The Living Life On Your Terms™  Coaching Program is Designed for YOU.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, wellness practitioner, healer, intuitive consultant, life coach, or seriously looking to leave your corporate job to become your own boss, you will gain tremendous insights, strategies, and tools to deepen your spiritual understanding AND grow your business through

The Living Life On Your Terms™ Coaching Program

Not Living Your Full Potential or Honoring Your Worth?

If you feel that it’s time for you to seriously examine your spiritual, financial, and personal stories, and re-craft them so they elevate and expand your spiritual energy, wealth consciousness, well-being, and propel you on your life’s mission, then GOOD ON YOU!

You are not meant to live in pain and struggle. That’s not your destiny.


You are DESTINED to blossom. You are meant to live fully, passionately, joyfully, living life on your terms rather than being pushed around by life’s circumstances. After all, how are you going to Live Life ON Your Terms when you are emotionally and financially struggling and not feeling supported? 


Living life on your terms requires shifting of your mindset. Through personal coaching, you’ll be diving deep into transforming your mindset and energy that embrace your spiritual commitment, higher purpose, and learn to make money doing what you truly love. It’s how other powerful women entrepreneurs are already living life on their terms. Now it’s your turn.  And you’ll get lots of support.

Yes, You Can. Yes, You Will.

Yoshie Miakoda Chihara is the founder of Spiritual Solutions and Elite Dynamic Coaching, dedicated to providing heart-centered entrepreneurs with the tools, strategies, and processes they need to prosper spiritually, emotionally, financially, and be an empowered transformational agent who makes a big impact in the world.


The approach is truly powerful and unique, yet simple and structured in a way that helps you elevate and experience your expanded spiritual awareness and, at the same time, powerfully create mental, emotional, and financial empowerment.


Yoshie’s personal story has evolved from ordinary to extraordinary. Employing the same techniques and strategies she teaches today, she grew from a depressed stay-at-home mom to a sought-after life and high-performance coach and spiritual medium with an international following.

“I Decided to Stop Living in Fear and Depression and Start Crafting the Stories that Honor Who I am and What I am.” 

~ Yoshie Miakoda Chihara

In Yoshie’s own words: “I have seen so many talented, brilliant women with amazing ideas and dreams live in intense fears and doubts, convincing themselves to settle for living a mundane, spirit-numbing, unfulfilling life.


“I’ve also seen many successful women having a life that others envy and yet feeling totally unfulfilled and experiencing a sense of “something is missing inside."


“As I continue to work on myself personally, spiritually, and professionally, I have become more and more aware that in order for us to live a fulfilling, joyful, and prosperous life we must work from the spirit within and live out our purpose.

That Spirit Within is an indwelling God force that wants to create and serve others and make a difference.

“Ever since becoming aware of that indwelling power, the feeling of “something is missing” was completely eliminated inside me and instead replaced by this strong sense of knowingness that life is supposed to be fun. It’s OK to enjoy life, and it’s OK to live a life that honors who I am.


“Working from Spirit within became my own unique essence that has made my work distinct and made it blossom with success! 


“It took many years of struggles and living a default life for me to truly come to the understanding that I’m NOT just this physical body and I’m NOT a victim of my circumstances and that each and every one of us has the power to shape our reality and each and every one of us has a reservoir of greatness inside that is waiting to be discovered and tapped into.


“I created the Living Life On Your Terms™ Coaching Program so you can tap into the Spirit within and be who you came here to be and do what you are meant to do in the world.”

How The Living Life On Your Terms™ Coacing Works

We’ll be focusing on:





This coaching program is extremely unique in that we are not just going to focus on your business, business strategies and processes, and the most cutting-edge, cost-effective, powerful technologies to incorporate into your business so that you can get your message out and create cash flow so as to have more freedom and balance in your life—we’ll also be focusing on understanding and managing your energy and mindset so that you can truly embrace who you are and life itself and live a fulfilling, spirit inspired life.


There are 3 powerful stages to the process. 




Tap Into The Spirit Within and Awaken

Your Sacred Purpose 

We start with the understanding that we are not just a physical body, but a spiritual being creating physical life experiences.


You’ll learn:


  • How to connect with your higher self / spiritual energy

  • How to awaken and strengthen your natural intuitive and mediumistic abilities

  • How to connect with your spirit guides and spirit team

  • How to receive higher guidance

  • How to differentiate “true guidance” from faulty guidance

  • How to take divinely-inspired action

  • How to accurately sense and read the energies of others

  • How to generate energy from within


When we have a first-hand experience of the truth/idea/knowledge that we are not living this life on our own, we begin to relax into our life and take bold courageous action to live out our life’s purpose. 




Train Your Mind To Work For You,

Not Against You

When you have the “right” mindset, you can achieve so much more and make what seems impossible, possible!

Your mindset can either take you down the path of least resistance and living a fear-based life, or down the path of fully coming into your power and living a thriving, spirit-inspired, rewarding life.


You’ll learn:


  • How to get crystal clear on your desires and purpose and unapologetically embrace them

  • How to adopt a mindset that enables you to live your heart desires

  • How to use empowering questions to elevate your awareness and find positive solutions to handle your life’s challenges

  • How to train your mind to work for you, not against you

  • How to make peace with your money story – understand your limiting beliefs about money and let go of all feelings of guilt and disempowerment on money

  • How to adopt abundant prosperous consciousness and learn to notice when great opportunies come in your way

  • How to let go of your limiting conditioning and beliefs and courageously step out in the world in a powerful way

  • How to gain more confidence in expressing yourself and boldly show up in life




Supercharge Your Heart-Centred Business With Joy and Purpose 

You can create, grow, and prosper your busienss that is in aligment with who you are and with what your heart desires.  You’ll learn how to systematically build processes that enbable you to create cashflow and freedom.


You’ll also learn:


  • How to define your unique business

  • Identify what is special and unique about you—you are your own brand and message!

  • How to define and craft your powerful message

  • Clearly define what you truly desire so you can set up your passion driven business to support your vision and personal goals.

  • How to create products and services that solve your customers’ problems

  • Define your markets and positioning

  • How to deal with “competition”

  • The ABC of creating your own digital intellectual properties

  • How to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into your business without breaking the bank and create systems that produce constant cash flow  

  • How to set up a cost-effective system that enables you to sell and market your products and services without managing it daily.

  • Find out cost effective ways to hire experts when you need them.

  • 5 surefire ways to build connection marketing

  • 5 things you must NOT do in Marketing

  • How to tap into your power of influence – selling without selling – adopting service oriented mindset

  • How to create massive impact even if you are an introvert.

  • Get crystal clear on your action steps on exactly what to do next to create cash flow

The Living Life On Your Terms™ Coaching Will Help YOU:

Be Your Own Boss

Wake Up Excited to the Life You Truly Love

Transform Your Energy and Your Mindset

Gain Clarity and Live Your Purpose

You'll receive personalized sessions, inspiration, coaching, guidance, spiritual and business breakthroughs and so much more.


If you truly want to dynamically shift and transform your life, JUST wishing, dreaming, meditating, reciting mantras and affirmations, or doing what you’ve always done will NOT help you get what you want.


Yes, they are important part of purposeful creation but they must be supported by a series of inspired action.   Once you start taking steps toward your dream, you become unstoppable and the Universe joins you fully and starts moving in your favor.

Give yourself a permission to be great and start Living Life on Your Terms!

Be Who You Came Here To Be


Do What You Are Meant To Do In The World!

Wondering if the Living Life On Your Terms™ Coaching is right for you?  We're here to help you decide if this is the right choice for you. Sing up for a Free Strategy Session.  

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