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How to Receive A Sign from Angels and Loving Spirits

The Spirit Inspired Life Podcast

How to Ask and Receive a Sign from Angels and Spirits – 3 Easy, Sure-fire Steps to Receiving a Sign from Angels and Spirits


Hi there, this is Yoshie and thank you so much for tuning into the spirit inspired life podcast.

I’m very grateful to be part of your life’s journey even just few minutes here.

Today’s podcast is about how to ask and receive a sign from angels and spirits. 3 easy, and surefire steps to receiving a sign from angels and sprits.

I want to start my podcast by asking you a question.

Do you believe in God, divine energies, or the existence of angels, ascended masters, or spirits?

Whether you believe in higher power, God, or other spiritual existence, or not, I’m sure that you have prayed to something unseen by human eye when you needed help, guidance, reassurance, or clarity for your life at least once in your life, right?

Many of us tend not to seek for help from the divine until we are having an extremely difficult and challenging time in our life. These challenging times in a way, become the catalyst for us to go inward and ask for help, or sign.

That’s how I was. I didn’t believe in God, angels, or any other forms of spiritual existence for a long time because they were just too woo woo concept for me at the time and I didn’t want to do anything to do with them. I thought they were for troubled people but the truth was I was troubled and really needed help.

But when I went through a very challenging time in my life, I prayed to something and it changed my life. After that I became a total believer but actually ,more accurately, I became a knower.

I don't believe it.

I know it, deep within me, God, sprits truly exist and we can commune with them,.

So I started to ask for signs and help, and then I started to notice signs and help everywhere.

If you are needing a clarity and reassurance or something kind of answer at this time in your life you are in the right place! You can ask for a sign from the spiritual world. And it doesn't have to be difficult at all. It’s quite straightforward.

How do you do it? There are 3 things you can do to receive and notice signs from angels and spirits.

#1 Be curious and open

First thing you can do is to become curious, excited, and be open to receiving a sign. If you approach this from a place of “this is just ridiculous and impossible’ or ‘it’s not going to happen for me.”, then that’s the reality you’ll be creating. If you truly want to receive a sign, come from the place of openness, open heart, and open mind, and then you’ll receive an answer in the form of a sign that you ask for.

#2 Know that a response from angles and spirits is given to you immediately – what I mean by this is

Whatever and whenever you ask for a sign, it’s given to you immediately and instantaneously. But the reason why we don't see them the sign, straight away, is because we are not in the rightful space for us to be able to notice the sign.

In order for you to notice and receive the sign that you ask for from the sprits and angels, your vibrational frequency, the frequency of the energy that your whole being is vibrating and the energetic frequency of the sign you’ve asked for have to be in alignment with each other. In other words, your energy and the energy of the sign have to match for you to notice the sign.

Let’s say you are on the second floor and that’s the energy that you are vibrating and the sign you asked for is placed on the third floor. No matter how hard you look for the sign on the second floor you’ll not be in a rightful space to see the sign. It’s obviously because the sign is on the third floor, It’s on the different level. If you decide to elevate your self and be inspired to go up to the third floor, (and what I mean by this is feeling grateful and appreciative for what you already have, being grateful that that’s to come in your life) and then, only then you’ll be aligned to see, notice and receive your sign.

#3 Relax and trust –this is so critical.

So before you ask for a sign, just relax yourself and trust that this process is going to work for you.

And then let go of any attachment to receiving the sign and to keep your energy elevated.

This last step of letting go may sound counter-intuitive but it isn’t. It’s very important that you let it go.

You don't’ want to start looking for your sign wherever you go because you are going to create tension and stress which will make it even more difficult for you to receive and notice the sign and plus you are prolonging the process of receiving the sign.

Your Tension and stress will work against you because they will lower your energetic frequency and create a much wider gap between yourself and the sign you’ve asked for.

And also you are trying to force things to happen, or trying to make things fit instead of allowing things to naturally come to you.

So Just relax and simply ask for a sign and then ask the angels to show you the sing let’s say within 24 or 48 hours. So you specify the time frame in which your sign needs to appear. It could certainly be a shorter or longer time frame. But the most important last step is to let go. Completely and fully trust that this process will work and that you’ll receive a sign.

To give you an example, about a month ago, I asked my angels for a sign. I was driving at the time and I was going home. My sign was very specific. I ask the angels to show me a picture of a lion if my plan is in agreement with their plan and that the sign had to be shown before I reached home which was about 10 minutes away.

I completely let it go. More accurately I forgot about the fact that I even asked for a sign because I was having so much fun listening to the song, “Happy” by Pharrel Williams. Then about 3 minutes later, a small tourist bus moved in front of me, and guess what I saw. The back of the bus had a big picture of a lion.

I was smiling. It made my day for sure.

And more recent one is when I needed a double confirmation. I asked the angels to show me pictures of owls if my intuitive hunch is correct and if I was wrong they show me pictures of pigs. I asked them to show me the answer between my home to the restaurant where I was to meet my friends for lunch. It was about 20 minutes drive. I completely let it go. I didn't see any picture of an owl or a piggy while I was driving. I parked the car and reached the front door of the restaurant, there they were, three pictures of owls on the front door of the restaurant directly staring at me.

So to recap,

#1 be curious and open.

#2 Know that your answers are given to you immediately and instantaneously, but it can take time for you to see and notice them. When you elevate your energy, you’ll see your sign from your angels and spirits.

#3 Relax and trust the process – you don’t want to force it or trying to make it happen or trying to make things fit. Completely let it go and let your angels and guides surprise and amaze you because simply they can!

The more you begin to work with them consciously, the more excitement and joy you feel within you. The more you feel joyful and excited about your life, the faster and easier it becomes for you to notice the signs from angels and guides.

When you live your life in that higher joyful vibration, you are truly living the spirit inspired life.

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