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Having the Right Intention

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This morning I was woken by a phone call from one of my lovely coaching clients in California.

She was so happy and wanted to thank me for the thing that I had recently created for her.

Some months ago, she was in serious trouble and I wanted to do something for her to reduce her pain.

We worked on shifting her mindset but I wanted to do something more for her because she is such a loving gentle soul.

So with the sole intention of wanting to help her, I created something using my average (maybe a little plus) technical skills…

It took tons of intuitive decisions and hard work.

I almost gave up because everything was so new to me.

I knew the overall concept but never had actually taken any step doing it.

Her troubled situation gave me an opportunity to explore something new.

I knew I didn't have to do it.

But, I stuck with the project and ended up completing it….shall we call a system….

And I gifted her my creation.

She was overjoyed at the time.

And today she was elated with joy because she's been seeing a promising result that my creation has been producing for her.

So my point here is…

...having the right kind of intention that propels you to take action no matter what.

I believe that when we focus on a specific purpose, especially purpose of helping others, anything is possible.

All the ideas and steps that you need to build something will show up magically through the power of the Universe.

When we have the focus and right intention and allow our energy to alight with the intention, the Universe supports us generously.

If you are planning to create or do something….

…be sure to know exactly why you are doing it.

When you are clear of your intention and purpose, you become magnetic and your power to summon all the answers you seek show up in your life.

When it comes to helping others, there is no “correct way”.

You can express your purpose in any format you choose and with the right kind of intention, anything is possible.

It’s interesting how things work in this Universe.

Someone’s trouble and fear help you see the potential within you that you have been ignoring.

There’s so much fear in this world.

Many people have been focusing on awful things that may/will never ever happen for them…

..and the common story I hear often is that they live in an awful unfair world.

But, I believe that we do live in a Universe that is friendly and supportive when we simply allow ourselves to match our energy with our intention.

When you focus on fear, you produce more fear.

When you focus on possibilities, you attract opportunities and tools that will enable you to manifest your desires.


I live in a friendly Universe.

Anything is possible.

With much aloha,


hawaii psychic medium


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