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Make a commitment to purposely take a step closer to self-mastery every single day. This may require you to watch your thoughts, how your thoughts affect your emotions, and how your emotions affect your action throughout the day.

Self-mastery is a unique, sacred journey that cannot be achieved overnight but is the culmination of years of well-disciplined, dedicated effort, but “a journey of a thousand miles beings with a single step.”

Through discipline comes self-mastery. Through self-mastery comes freedom. Through freedom comes all the magical gifts of Spirit.

Tune into and ask your highest self for its guidance and strength so that you can move beyond your lower physical impulse and desires and stay focused on your sacred path so that you can fully enjoy your spiritual life here on earth.

Affirmation: Through commitment, discipline, and dedication, I let the magical gifts of Spirit unfold in my life.

Hawaii Psychic Medium Yoshie


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