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A Visitation From An Angel

While meditating I was visited by a beautiful angel. I haven’t publicly embraced angels which sounds very strange… but it was simply because one of my teachers that I truly admire and respect who is an excellent medium do not believe in “winged angels” and I just didn't want to go against her beliefs.

It is true that angels are light beings and they can appear in the form that we can accept and aligns with our beliefs.

They do not have to show up as winged beings as often portrayed in some religious traditions.

Their holy presence can shake our core in a profound, positive way. When they touch your energetic being, all those things that you have been holding onto, such as fear and doubt simply melt away and you’ll be filled with clarity, love, and purpose.

If you are open to receiving help from angels, they can help you see any perceived limitations that perhaps you placed upon yourself,…even the ones that you didn't even know you had, that are preventing you from taking your life to the next level of spiritual unfoldment and angles help you do so in a most gentle loving way.

If you are open to connecting with angels, you may want to listen to the podcast here. How to Receive A Sign from An Angel

They are truly eager to help you and live your life filled with joy and love.


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