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Yes, I Can!


I hope that the recent mild summer weather has brought lots of smiles to your face. The season has been quite an exciting adventure-filled time with many rewarding experiences. I hope that your summer season is the same. Most recently, the July 6th-7th 2-day mediumship training workshop was one such adventure. The training workshop was filled with familiar faces all from very unique backgrounds, such as an attorney, engineer, entrepreneur, minister, nurse, and teacher. Each participant joined this new adventure with an open mind, but some with doubts and fears about their ability to speak with the so called “dead”. We started the workshop with an opening prayer thanking the divine force for supporting us in our endeavor to unfold our unique gifts and inviting our loving spirit guides, helpers, and also our loved ones in the spirit world to the circle gathered. During the workshop many tears were shed - - tears of joy, excitement, and love - - when spirit guides and participants’ loved ones came close, so close that they could feel the overwhelming power and love of the Spirit’s presence. Every participant was able to blend closely with spirit communicators (our loved ones in the spirit world) receiving specific and accurate information from them! I know that we were all astonished by each other’s power of spirit communication. Personally, I felt so blessed to witness the magic of spirit communication taking place within each and every one of the participants. I was excited by everyone’s confidence, excitement, joy, and wonder. Through teaching sessions like these I receive additional confirmations that we all are powerful and beautiful individualized souls who are creating life experiences here on earth, fully supported by our loved ones and spirit guides & helpers in the spirit world and, most importantly, the Great Spirit. We are never ever alone. Have a wonderful summer!


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