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Weekly Inspiration: Self-worth

There is only one force in all creation. That force is in everything and everyone, including yourself. This force does not discriminate, it does not limit itself. It’s a universal all-knowing consciousness, which dwells in everything.

Knowing what you are made of means we should never waste a moment doubting what we are destined to achieve.

When you come to know the true state of your inner world, you begin to change your outer world in fundamental ways. For what you currently see in the outside world is a reflection of your own inner consciousness. By shifting that consciousness, we change our perception and then the world we see and experience.

Acknowledge your self-worth today. Begin to know from within who you truly are and accept your divine self in all its beauty.

By seeing it clearly through acknowledgement of your divine self, one can shift one’s perception and thus the world we experience. Discipline your mind and choose what brings you most joy. Through this practice you’ll begin to experience your own true magnificence.

Affirmation: I am worthy of love. I am worthy of all divine gifts because I dwell in the heart of the Divine.


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