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Weekly Inspiration: Hidden Gifts

Hidden Gifts

When one goes through a “dark night of the soul”, you may question your whole existence and the reason for the hardships you’re experiencing. At time like these, you may hear that inner doubtful voice whispering in your ear telling you to give up, or that you are not good enough to accomplish what you’ve set out to do.

Never listen or give in to this voice of ego. But it’s helpful to step back and take a moment to realign yourself to the voice of wisdom within.

If you are open to it, that wise voice in its quietness will reveal to you all the gifts that are hidden behind the current situation.

Recognizing this you’ll soon realize that you are very much loved and looked after by the power that is much larger than the entire human existence.

With focus and discipline all will begin to make sense. With time you’ll arrive at the place of “knowingness” where you step into a new higher level of consciousness where you merge powerfully with your sacred self.

Affirmation: I listen to the wise voice within and see the gifts in every situation. I accept the gifts now.

Hawaii Psychic Medium


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