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The Law of Attraction and Inevitable Contrasting Experiences

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The Law of Attraction is “That which is like onto itself is drawn.”

Like attracts like.

Our thoughts create our reality.

You are the creator of your own reality.

What we focus on will come into our life.

We live in an inclusive Universe. Whether we like something or we do not like something when we give attention to something long enough with strong emotions we include them in our experience.

Everything is energy.

Our thoughts are energy.

Our thoughts are like broadcasting transmitters.

Our thoughts have certain vibrational frequency.

Our thoughts, which vibrate in certain frequency, attract and magnetize circumstances, situations, opportunities and people that have the exact same vibrational frequency as our thoughts.

We each define and form our individual life experiences with our thought energies.

Not many people will purposely choose to experience something that is unpleasant and painful which is absolutely natural, for our spirit is built upon the energy of well-being, Source Energy and that’s our true nature.

Anything that is different from our natural well being will cause us to feel uneasiness, discomfort within, which will prompt us to move back into alignment with Source Energy.

So, most of us would want to always experience something that makes us feel good…something that awakens joy within us where we completely feel one with Source.

But many of us have been trained and tend to strongly hold onto the thoughts that trigger uncomfortable emotions for a long period of time which creates a sense of discord between us and Source.

As creative spiritual beings, we cannot escape from having contrasting, sometime very painful, uncomfortable experiences here in the physical world, for contrasting experiences create variety and promote a continuous expansion of the creative Universe that we are part of.

But just because we cannot escape having contrasting experiences, we do not have to stay in those uncomfortable experiences for a long period of time.

We are mean to get the learnings and move forward.

So, what can we possibly get out of contrasting experiences?

Contrasting experiences are gifts that will help us to:

  1. Get clear of what we do not want which helps us to discover and define what we DO WANT.

  2. Strengthen our focus upon our desires and supercharge the energy of our desires which help quicken the process of manifestation and fulfillment of our vision.

A desire to create something new is always born out of a contrasting experience.

If everything is the same, and we only know one thing, and that’s all there is, we will not have a desire to create or to do anything which means no creation, which defies the law of the Universe.

The Universe which we are part of is one of expansion. Through contrasting experiences myriad preferences and desires are born which add to the Universal expansion.

You and I are part of this ever expanding Source Energy so you cannot not be creative. So contrast is a necessary part of any creative process.

When we are exposed to variety, we compare and choose and begin to form our own personal preferences. Our personal preferences give rise to myriad desires and countless creative possibilities.

These desires which trigger good feeling emotions when we focus on them always bring us back to self, bring us back into alignment with Source Energy, the energy of well being and we remember who we really are.

Because we live in time-space-reality, most of the time our desires are not manifested instantaneously which can naturally bring frustration, doubts, fear, sometimes even anger which are all signs that we step out of our powerful alignment but again they are part of contrasting experiences which will add variety; hence, it results in the expansion of the Universe.

But we have to remember that we came to this physical world to enjoy the PROCESS and journey of creation and to craft beautiful stories in our own unique way and through the process we truly come to know our own creative, powerful self.

We didn’t come here for instant manifestation, for it will take away fun and excitement out of creation.

Constant instant manifestation…. perhaps we can experience that when we move into the spirit world.

Thanks to the illusion of time we are given plenty of opportunities to sort our preferences (correct them if needed) that help us create rich experiences here in this physical world and learn to use our physical body to better express Spirit within.

So every contrasting experience you have is your cue that you are actually getting closer and closer to manifesting your heart’s desires as your desires are getting supercharged with Source Energy every single time you realign yourself with the Source and it’s a matter of time that your desires manifest in your physical reality.

All is well.




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