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Podcast: How To Tune Into Your Inner Guidance


Hi this is Yoshie. Welcome to the Spirit Inspired Life podcast.

Today, I’ll be chatting about tuning into inner guidance so that you can live a spirit inspired, awesome life. .

You know, deep down inside all of us, we know what’s best for us.

But, sometimes the information gets cloudy.

Our minds have the ability to process lots of information, and to make healthy decisions that will help us to create and live a joyful life.

However, Things like anxiety or stress creep in, and our minds end up focusing on the things we do not want, to the point that we self sabotage ourselves.

How can you learn to quiet your mind, and tune into your inner guidance so that you can make better choices in life? .

So let’s talk about tuning into Your Inner Guidance

Too often in life we tend to over think things – we analyze every possible outcome or piece of information, trying to make the best decision possible. This tendency to try and rationalize all of our life's decisions most often leads us towards inaction. We’ve all been there. We end up spending more time thinking about a problem than actually doing something about it.

By the way, did you know that the world’s most successful individuals are very intuitive and they heavily rely on their intuition, inner guidance?

Many of us are trained to use the left side of our brain more extensively rather than the right side of our brain. The left side of our brain is about analyzing, rationalizing, and memorizing .

And the right side of our brain is about creativity, imagination, intuition.

Most of our formal education encourages the use of the left side of our brain rather than the right side and we forget to listen and trust our intuition.

We all can learn to trust our intuition once again, because you know we are all born intuitive to begin with, but unfortunately, most of us were trained not to listen to our intuition, inner guidance. We can learn to train ourselves and condition our mind to notice inner guidance once again.

I want to add that for people who are dealing with things like stress or anxiety, your so-called “intuition” may not be true inner guidance. For example, let's say you are given a wonderful offer to speak in front of a large audience. Your first intuitive response was Yes, I want to do it and I can do it! As you begin to think more about it, soon you are thinking about all of the things the opportunity will entail. Before long you're picturing all of the things that could go wrong, and your so-called intuitive hunch tells you to run away from it. But, that’s not intuition. It’s simply you fear, stress overtaking your initial intuitive hunch, and now you've changed your mind about that the opportunity that you always wanted.

In order for you to tap into our intuition and get the best advice from your inner wisdom, we need to approach it from a place of quietness, and this is where meditation comes in. Meditation allows us to slow down our brain wave, quiet down the thoughts that race through our minds each moment, typically unnoticed. Once the mind has learned to quiet itself, you are more in tune with your intuition, your spiritual wisdom, your spiritual senses. From this place of quiet, you'll be able to tell what you should do, without having to over think the situation.

Mediation is the state of being in the moment, being fully engaged with your physical body, your mind, and your spirit. It’s the state of expanded awareness where you disconnect yourself from all the noises of the world but becoming conscious of the connection you have with everything in this world that is divine.

Once again, from this place of quiet and expanded awareness, you'll be able to tell what you should do, without having to over think the situation.

In terms of applying your inner guidance, while you may reach a decision during a time of quiet, before long your mind can become busy and cluttered once again. You will be tempted to start questioning the decision you've made, or to try and take another path. If this happens, just simply take deep breaths until you feel clam and visualize a white light coming into you and encompassing the whole of your body, and from that space, listen to your inner guidance. If your intuition is still telling you the same thing, from that knowingness, you can take inspired action.

It’s also extremely important that you take action from the place of peace rather than the place of worry or doubt, because your intention is like a seed that will shape your future, your future outcome. If you plant a seed of doubt, what you will receive is the fruit of doubt. So once you have an intuitive guidance, trust it and take action with confidence. Do not over think it because if you do, your ego will get in the way and stir you away from being in alignment with your vision.

Oh yes, And It’s important that you learn to enjoy the process of creation. If you have an attitude of experimentation, meaning that whenever and whatever you are going to be doing something, you tell yourself that you are simply testing and experimenting to see if it works for you, rather than trying to get it right the first time, and this attitude will help take off unnecessary pressure from yourself.

So I’m advocating daily meditation because Meditation offers people many wonderful benefits, but one of the best is that it allows you to get in touch with yourself. Deep down you know what the best course of action is for you, but sometimes the message gets jumbled up. Meditation allows you to clean out the cobwebs sort of speak and tap into your inner guidance system, and make life decisions from a place of quiet, rather than stress or anxiety.

We all want to live an amazing life and improve the quality of life, and simple thing like mediation, which costs you nothing, will allow you to do just that - improve your energy, your mindset, and help you live a spirit inspired Life.

Hawaii Psychic Medium Yoshie Miakoda Chihara


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