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My Mediumistic Journey

I've decided to post this because I'm often asked by my clients if I was always mediumistic.

Growing up in Japan, unlike many psychics and mediums, I never saw or heard spirits. I was just a normal kid, just like anybody else...nothing special (still the same...). I’ve heard about psychics who began hearing and seeing things when they were little. That wasn’t me.

That, however changed when I went through a very challenging time in my life where I felt that there was no hope in living. My whole world was upside down and even worse, I started to hear voices in my head, which I thought I was going absolutely mad.

But when I listened to the voices, I was able to find missing objects which I was absolutely amazed. After that I attended healing classes one of which brought me to my now best friend who is attorney. We used to mediate together once a week and she was the first person to receive a reading from me. I still remember clearly as a new years bell her father in law appeared next to her face, he told me his name, how he passed, and the things that my friend never ever told me about him and his family. We were both shocked and stunned!

Since then through the word of mouth, I have been serving people from all walks of life around the world and diverse religious, educational, and occupational backgrounds: Catholics, Christians, Spiritualist Christians, Spiritualists, Buddhists, government officials, bank officals, attorneys, teachers, college students and professors, counselors, doctors, nurses, moms and dads, just to name a few.

Having experienced two near death experiences myself - where I was hit by and dragged under a car – and also attacked by a dog having scars all over my head and my throat, remembering leaving out of my body twice but not experiencing any pain whatsoever. We are spirit in a physical body and our spirit is very intelligent and resilient. Right before the accidents took place, my spirit was already out of my body so I didn’t experience any pain whatsoever. After the action was over, both times I came right back into my body. I remember them clearly to this day.

The experiences, painful they seem, I can share them with my clients letting them know that those who have lost their loved ones from tragic accidents that their loved ones didn’t’ suffer.

I admit my work can be emotionally challenging. I had two ladies who came to see me recently and immediately a young man came into my mind. He told me that he committed suicide and that he was sorry. I could see and feel him as a very energetic personality, good looking, absolutely loved by everyone, had many friends, and loved playing soccer. Nobody expected him from taking his own life. This is parents’ worst nightmare because you start to think that maybe you caused your child’s death in someway or other even though that’s not the case. The spirit boy told me that it was not his parents fault but in fact he hit his head during his soccer practice and he had a concussion which was confirmed by the boy’s mother. The boy told me that his prefrontal cortex was damaged which affected his rational thinking ability. This spirit boy literally educated me about brain from the other side!

I take my work very seriously. I travelled to England and Scotland not only to demonstrate mediumship there but also went through certification and testing processes and successfully passed the tests and now certified and holds two awards in evidential mediumship (spirit communication.)

I’m absolutely committed to support those who are going through grief and in need of healing.

Warmest aloha,


Yoshie Miakoda Chihara


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