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Hawaii Psychic Medium


I had a Spiritual Regression done by Yoshie and it was wonderful! The relaxing nature of the hypnosis provided a safe place in which I felt free to explore the essence of who I am. I experienced my (last) previous life and my transition from that life into the non-physical in a very harmonious and peaceful manner. I then experienced the phase of my being in between my physical lives, which was absolutely enlightening! The information I learned coupled with the feelings I had allowed me to truly experience myself as an Eternal Being; a Soul here on this plane only temporarily. My perspective broadened from these insights, leaving me with a feeling of peace, control and satisfaction with Life that I did not have before. This is HIGHLY recommended for anyone looking to understand the Eternalness of our Being. 

-Sarah P. Attorney, Honolulu 

I  always wanted to get hypnotized but was afraid to do it. At age 29 I finally put hypnotherapy at the top of my list of things to do. I'd seen Yoshie on her website and immediately knew she was very intuitive and loving, that I would be safe in a loving place if I went to see her for a spirit journey. I needed it at this time of great choas and changes on the planet. She took me on the most powerful spirit journey I have ever experienced, and it was very healing and empowering. If you want to unlock more of your BEING and SOUL ESSENCE Yoshie is an excellent hypnotherapist to see! Mahalo Eternally!!! 
-E J., 29 years old - Honolulu


I want to thank you for the great session. The experience was enlightening. I feel like I made a connection with a part of myself that I had not tapped into for a very long time. At first I really didn't know what to expect. In the days following, my dreams were 
much more clear and the sleep restful. Thank you for everything. 
-N. H. US MILITARY,  Honolulu

I really didn't know what to expect when I went into past life regression therapy, but after the session I was more confidant about where I am in life, and where I'm going. The experience was relaxing and mind opening. Working with Yoshi is always pleasant, and she makes sure you know what to expect, with the confidence of experience. I highly recommend Hypnosis for Life for it's professional and personal touch. 
-H. B. Singer 

I was able to clearly see and feel my previous lives on Earth. Although, since I was also still very conscious, I questioned the reality of it, but at the same time, I knew there must have been some truth to it because the emotions were real, and often the words describing the lives I saw came really quickly, without thought or second-guessing. One of the lives I saw was very peaceful and happy. I had a patient, even-keeled nature. I was able to see and feel that I am strongly connected to the spiritual realm. And I sensed, saw, felt, and heard that I am a truly a spiritual being. It was amazing to be among so many who support me, telling me I'm powerful, that I "bring Heaven on Earth to many." I saw myself as a beautiful being of light and was able to meet other beings of light that had crossed over. They look like large globes of soft white light, some with different colors. The messages I received from my guide made sense to me. One of the messages I received was “Lighten up, have fun.Business is fun, fun is business. You just haven’t learned that yet.” 
Aloha nui loa, 
Krise. C. Massage Therapist, Kaimuki

Yoshie, thank you so much for the amazing soul regression session! It exceeded my expectations in so many ways and I had high expectations. Now they all make sense to me. It really helped me accept many things in my life, including my current challenge with my wife. I’ve been able to see things from a brand new perspective and feel more compassion toward others. I strongly recommend her soul regression hypnosis to anyone. 
M. E. US Military, Honolulu

I received a past life regression therapy from Yoshi and it was phenomenal! The emotions were so strong and real during the whole process. I cried like a little child and Yoshi comforted me and made me feel very safe and protected. Many questions I had about my past lives were answered beautifully. Knowledge gained through the remarkable experience with Yoshi has allowed me to feel much more comfortable with where I stand in my life. I highly recommend hypnosis for life for anyone seeking to connect with one’s eternalness. 
-L. C. Sales Associate & Student, Mililani 

It was such a profound experience! I felt so calm and peaceful during and after the session. I realized that I am so loved and protected. Thank you so much for all your help!!!
-M. L. Stay-at-home mom, Hawaii Kai 

Thank you so much for the session today. It [Spiritual Regression] was just amazing! I think it’s going to take several days for me to process the information I received today. Thank you again for being an excellent guide during the session!!! Aloha                                                        -M. S., Honolulu



Spiritual (Soul) Regression in Honolulu, Hawaii

Connect Directly with Your Spiritual Guides 
and Loved Ones on the Other Side.

Give Yourself a Psychic Reading Through Hypnotherapy!

“You don’t acquire a ‘spirit’ at death; 
you are one now! You adopt a body just as 
a space traveler wears a space suit…and much 
for the same reason.” 
(Jane Roberts) Seth 




  • Through Past Life and Spiritual Regression Hypnotherapy, you can access cell memories and rid yourselves of pain, traumas, phobias, and relationship issues. 

  • Direct contact with your spiritual guides/personal guides 

  • Direct contact with your loved ones on the other side .

  • Connect with your immortal life in the spirit world 

  • Awaken your psychic abilities. 

  • Give yourself a psychic reading.



What is spiritual regression? 

Spiritual Regression Hypnotherapy is an extension of Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy. The focus of spiritual regression goes beyond that of past life regression, allowing us to observe not only one or more significant past lives, but also to visit the period “between lives” and to witness the preparations we, along with our non-physical support system, made to incarnate into our current lifetime. Memories of our past lives and between-lives are believed to be located in our cell memories, as who we are today, in this lifetime, is an aggregate result of all that we have experienced in and between our many lifetimes. 

Spiritual Regression Hypnotherapy allows individuals to access these cell memories to learn from our soul experiences in our many lifetimes in a safe and comfortable environment. As with past life regression, visiting past lives and between-lives is done as a detached observer, allowing us to observe from a broader perspective, to learn and grow from the experience without experiencing any of the pain and suffering that may have occurred during that time in our existence. 

A Spiritual Regression Session 

A typical spiritual regression session can last anywhere between two to three hours. While there are certain procedures that are standard to the process, each spiritual regression is unique, because each of us is a unique being. After a hypnotic induction, we will visit a significant past life experience and observe its importance to current lifetime issues. We will then progress through the end of that particular physical incarnation and into the time between lives. Observing the between-lives period allows us to experience the eternalness of our true selves and to more fully grasp our unique significance to the Universe. 

We may watch as our non-physical helpers assist us in making decisions about the parameters of the upcoming physical life, such as the choice of our family members, where we will live and what we want to accomplish in the planned lifetime. Being part of our broader experience, feeling the connections with our Soul (or Inner Being) and with our Soul Family is an education in why we decide to incarnate, and is a first-hand experience of the precision of our Universe. Connections with our Soul Family, our own Soul and our Spiritual Guides, and seeing how each loves and supports us unconditionally in our ventures, is truly a spiritual awakening for each of us who has felt alone in life and unsure as to our purpose in living. These wise personal teachers have been assigned to us since our creation and more easily connect with us during spiritual regression. Bringing this experience to a conscious physical state promotes a real awareness of having a personal relationship with a higher power. Seeing ourselves as the immortal beings that we truly are can forever change and broaden our perspective on our place in life and our relationship to others. 

The Benefits of Spiritual Regression 

Spiritual regression has all of the benefits that are offered by past life regression, but, by also observing and learning from our between-lives period, spiritual regression offers more. Seeing ourselves as eternal beings and experiencing our relationship with our Inner Being and our non-physical helpers allows us to see more deeply into our true nature. Having faith that we are eternal is a theoretical “knowing;” experiencing our relationship with the Universe in spiritual regression is a profoundly empowering event. 

By experiencing firsthand the true nature of our relationship with the larger, cosmic, kingdom, the details of our lives fall into place in a natural and harmonious way. The feeling of true belonging that results from experiencing the non-physical helps us see the answers to the questions that all humans ask: Why am I here? Who am I, really? What are the rules for this game of Life? 

The sense of feeling at home in our bodies and in our world that is provided by spiritual regression provides a lasting connection to our larger selves and to Universal wisdom. We see ourselves with new, enlightened, eyes, as so much more than we ever understood before, and part of something so much more awesome than we ever realized. Our life purpose and the special gifts that we have been given to achieve it become ours, at last. 



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