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What's included :

  • Personality Profile 
  • Talent Profile 
  • Yearly and Monthly Forecast for the next 12 months 
  • Diamond Spirit Report

Will be emailed to you in 3 business days

The Ultimate Comprehensive Numerology Report

  • Please email us: 

    1. Your name and Date of Birth 
    2. Your current first name 

    Your Full Name at Birth:

    Please provide us with your full name exactly as listed on your birth certificate, even if it is not the name used now. Don't include extensions such as Jr, III, etc.

    Foreign Names: Use only names that use the 26 letters of the English alphabet.

    Adoption: As a rule of thumb, use the first known name, whether given by the biological parents or the adoptive parents, even if that name was only used for a few days or weeks. If you were given a temporary name, such as Baby Doe, or if you are unsure, use the name you feel most closely fits you

    Date of Birth & Current First Name:

    Pls use the date on your birth certificate - first the month, then the day, then the year - followed by the name you use today to introduce yourself in a social setting. For example 01/11/1970, Jane River. Do not use your business or pen name unless you also use it socially. If you consistently use a nickname as your first name, even if it is not considered a “real” name, use that. When in doubt, ask yourself what you would say if someone woke you abruptly from a deep sleep and asked your name.

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