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Hawaii Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression in Honolulu, Hawaii


Experience The Impossible Becoming Possible!


  • Do you have an overwhelming desire to explore past lives? 

  • Do you have an unexplainable fascination toward particular period in history or another culture?

  • Do you feel strongly drawn to certain locations? 

  • Have you ever felt that your home is somewhere else? 

  • Do you suffer from a phobia or fear that you can not find obvious cause? 

  • Have you ever been called an “old soul”? 

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then you are a perfect candidate for undergoing Past Life Regression hypnosis. 

Now come and experience a profound life-changing journey into the World of Spirit through hypnosis and experience the eternalness of your true self and fully grasp your unique significance to the Universe. 

Past Life Regression 

Past Life Regression is a form of hypnotherapy that allows each of us to explore and experience a past life that has particular significance for us within a safe and positive environment. Under the guidance of a skilled and sensitive hypnotherapist, we are able to visit a past life as a knowledge-seeking observer, detached and protected from any harshness of the life or death experiences, yet able to look at each with a sense of compassion, understanding and forgiveness. 

Observing a past life, and the successes and failures we experienced during that life, enables us to look at our current life from a broader and wiser perspective. For this reason, past life regression is a powerful healing technique. Understanding the eternal nature of our “real selves” allows us to connect with the wisdom and energy that we have that runs through each of our many lifetimes. Connection with our higher wisdom can allow us to make better decisions, love ourselves in healthy ways and understand the broader purpose that the eternal part of us has in experiencing physical life on this plane of existence. 

Have We Had Past Lives? 

Each of us is an eternal being, with the larger part of us (sometimes referred to as the “soul”) always remaining non-physical. Our purpose and intention in manifesting here in the physical world is to experience on the physical level, and each of us has probably had countless prior lives. Many religious traditions embrace the concept of past lives and many individuals from religious traditions that do not fully accept the concept of reincarnation say that they believe that they have lived before. 

Books such as Many Lives, Many Masters, Across Time and Death and many others discuss the case for reincarnation if you feel the need to research information on past lives. However, simply being open to the possibility of having had past lives that you can observe and from which you can learn and heal is really all that is needed for you to benefit from past life regression hypnotherapy. 

The Benefits of Past Life Regression 

Past Life Regression can be a profound and life-changing experience. As well as having benefits of improvement for physical illnesses, phobias and relationship issues, a large benefit of past life regression is the increase in awareness that it provides. Allowing us to see and experience our eternalness and to view the events of prior lives from the perspective of the forgiving seeker is an enlightening spiritual experience. 

We often go through life feeling lost and insignificant; past life regression gives each of us a close up view of how important we are to the Universe, and how connected we each are to the whole of mankind. We find that we are not here randomly or by accident, but are important envoys from the non-physical realm. This larger viewpoint opens up new possibilities and opportunities to us, and positively influences the choices we make every day. Seeing ourselves from a Universal perspective creates positive changes in how we relate to ourselves, to others and to society as a whole. 

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