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Goal: To reach heightened levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence as I pursue my goals and full potential. By enrolling in this Divine Purpose Unleashed Coaching Program, I agree to the following:


· I’m fully committed to improving my life and will participate in each of my coaching session.


· I’m registering for 1 year coaching program (12 private, one-on-one deep dive coaching calls with my coach plus 12 group coaching calls). I can also choose more sessions at the same rate now or later.


· I agreed to be billed $5500 for 1 year program (One time payment $5500). If a 2 installment option is selected, I agree to be billed $2995 /month for 2 months.  If a monthly payment option is selected, I agree to be billed  $500.00 /month for 12 months.


· I will be ready at the scheduled time and do my best to be on-time every time. I understand that if I miss a session and don’t provide 72 hours notice, then I will still be billed for the session and it will count towards my 12 sessions.


· I understand that this coaching program is about improving my present life and reaching new levels of performance and potential. I understand this level of personal development coaching is not therapy, not about rehashing my past over and over, and not about professional legal, medical, psychological, or financial advice. I understand the coaching is focused on what I can do now and in the future to experience more energy, success, and fulfillment in life.


· I understand and agree that my results in life are up to me and that by law my coach cannot guarantee my results in life or business, so my coach cannot be held liable under any circumstances for my results or actions. I understand there is no refund for this program.


· I understand that at the end of my 1 year coaching program, I will have the option of continuing my momentum and mastery. I can schedule more sessions with my coach then. It’s up to me if I continue, and if I do, I authorize my coach to continue billing the same fee with the information below until I request to stop my sessions or make another arrangement.


· I understand I will receive email summaries and high performance tools from my coach to help me advance even more quickly.


- By signing up for the coaching program, I solely accept the agreement. 


There is a path to higher levels of passion, performance and success in life. To get there, it takes more clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence. My job is to coach you into your highest self and potential. So let’s begin! 

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