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Yoshie Miakoda 

 Spiritual Medium

Energy Breakthrough Coach

As Seen on:

Spirit Communication

Evidential Mediumship

Hi, I'm Yoshie.  Welcome to my website! I’m glad that you are here. I hope that you will take a few moments to look through the information on my site and discover how I can help you to transform your life into the joyous experience that you deserve! 

Helping you connect with your loved ones and friends who have crossed over to the spirit side of life and assisting you in unfolding of your "spiritual gifts", your natural spiritual abilities are something that I am deeply passionate about.


I would be honored to be part of your journey of amazing spiritual unfolding.  I look forward to serving you!

Yoshie Miakoda



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When it comes to your life it's important to take the right step at the right time… Explore all the ways we can work together and how you can get started!

Are you seeking ways to awaken your spiritual gifts ?  

Learn A Simple And Powerful Way Of Getting In Touch With Your Inner Spirit And Enter Your Sacred Inner Space So You Can Gain Access To Your Spiritual Power And Divine Guidance From Within. 

Beautiful Voices

Kayko Tamiaki CHt.

The Owner Heart & Soul Hypnosis, CA

I am still in my coaching relationship with Yoshie and each time we meet the changes I go through are drastic. I have ended my toxic relationship, improved my relationship with my family, and have over all changed my outlook on myself and all that is possible. Read more...

Marten Petersen


Yoshie has a lot of humor, but on the same hand, she is very direct and congruent. I recommend Yoshie’s coaching, since the coaching is help for self help! Step by step you will feel self-competent and more and more independent again. It can help you to release more of that potential that you were wishing for. It can even show aspects of you, that you didn’t even know or dare thinking of before! Thank you very much for your great help! Read more...

Hsinkai Chang

Silicon Valley, CA

Yoshie is a champion to lead you through the blindspots and help you level up in all areas of your high performance life.  You'll emerge inspired, grateful, and charged with a new urgency and clarity to make the most out of your life!   Thank you Yoshie!  I look forward to continue working with you! Read more...

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Corinne Travillion, M.B.A

Spiritual Medium, Kauai

I attended Mediumship 101 and 201 six months apart. In just a short time, I was able to receive evidential information, thanks to Yoshie's specific techniques and support. It has been a life-changing experience, for myself and others as well. There is such power, comfort and understanding in evidential mediumship. Read more...

Rev. Dr. Michael Nedbal

Vice President, Divine Love Ministry

Yoshie's mediumship workshop was an incredible experience. For many years I have believed in the ability for spirits to communicate with mortals. I have read countless books containing messages of such communication. And I have sat with mediums who received incredibly inspiring messages from spirits. But I have always wanted to connect with spirits myself. Yoshie laid the foundation for the intellectual understanding of how spirit communication works.  Read more...


Attorney, Honolulu, HI

What I saw from both courses is that Yoshie is committed to the success of all her students, and she does so in a loving and safe environment. We were all blessed by Yoshie’s willingness to teach us in a few days what she has learned over the course of years. As a lifelong Christian, I am so thankful to have been a part of Yoshie’s mediumship 101 and 201 courses. What I have gained is the confidence to help others heal…by providing them with evidence that their loved ones who have passed are at peace and are always watching over them until the day they see each other again. Read more...

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