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Weekly Inspiration: Letting Go

What you focus on, you bring about.

What you resist, will persist.

These are part of life’s truths and wisdom.

When trying so hard to make things ‘right', and trying hard to do everything on our own, we disallow the infinite support of the Universe to flow through and guide us every step of the way.

Instead of straining and struggling, allow yourself to relax and surrender to the higher power that is within and all around. When at peace with our own spirit, we can at last hear and follow the guidance from within. Our ego wants to believe we are doing it all on our own, and that we have to do thing in our own ways. But the only way we can move mountains in our life is to acknowledge our own divine spirit, and to work together with the Great Divine Spirit within. Then we can accomplish anything and we can become anything.


I let go and let God guide my way.


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